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FH told me that I have something against SS...

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Sad Last night I decided that it was time to talk to FH about SS14 behavior. I've tried to lay low for the past couple of days and it's drive FH crazy. I can talk to him about anything but this. He tends to get very defensive and upset with me.
Anyway, I told him about SS behavior and how it hurts me when he acts like this and when I try and talk to him about it SS is not receptive...bla, bla, bla..
During the conversation I told FH that it is easier for him to bounce back from SS rude and selfish behavior because he's his dad and SS wants him to be happy...on the other hand SS could care less about how I feel. I was explaining to FH that its because I'm not his mother...he's not mine, which makes the connection with him very difficult when he's being defiant. I'm like this evil person making his father not like him and, well you know the rest.
FH told me that I have something against SS since day one because he's not mine and I don't like that he's FH and BM son together...Can you believe that!!???
I said, "that's not fair that you say that...I have no control over your past. I took on this responsibility when I fell inlove with you and I've treated him like he's my own" The only thing is that when BM decides to play super mom and come around and act like she cares...I mean nothing.
Anyway, it got really ugly and I ended up driving around town...pissed, frustrated, angry, you name it. I couldn't even cry, call anyone...I feel so alone Sad


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Thank you so much for that...I just sent it to him...maybe he'll come around. He's already text me "I'm sorry" I asked him...for what...he doesn't even know why he's sorry. I asked him what his motive was behind telling me that last night...her hasn't said anything.
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