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Spoiled plain and simple.

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So this weekend is ss9 soon to be 10 birthday. No looking forward to it. DH has bought him a pocket rocket or mini motorcycle whatever u want to call it... 400 and he couldn't help me pay bills this month bc of this... Whatever that's another story. Recap back to last weekend- he bought him a 200 mo-ped... Few months earlier a 4 wheeler and a mini bike.... And people wonder why this kid acts like he does and throws tantrums everytime he doesn't get what he wants. His other son ss15 said he didn't even want to come down or be around u's when ss10 is here because he feels like his in compotition with him for attention! And he's excay right. I am all for wanting to get your kids nice things but 1- we can't afford it 2- last year he was pissed about the 200 bike we got for him and refused to ride it 3- even tho he got in my opinion an zing undeserved gift this year he will still complain about something be did not get for his bday! Count down begins to ss10 ruining yet another weekend and I'm sure most of the summer!


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Sounds awful. How do you even stay with your DH? Your SS's behavior is totally your DH's cant buy love!

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120,000 in debt finally being paid down to 40,000 after working at it for 5 years and living like paupers taught my DH he can't buy his kids love, hopefully yours will wake up

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So he can buy gifts but he can't pay the bills? Cool make sure he's hungry all month. When he complains, tell him the food money for used for gifts. If he's hungry, he can take a few bites out of the motorcycle.

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like Smile

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No way would I cover bills when he is buying things for SS that he doesn't need. You are enabling this financially. DO NOT cover his part of the bills. I will seriously let the electric get shut off before I do this. I have let the cable go when SO has procrastinated on getting bill money to me. I let him deal with the consequence too.

Not happening and don't be taken advantage of.