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BM Filed False Police Report

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And here I thought we were done with this. Why won't she drop it?

FDH spent his afternoon at the Police Station yesterday. He received a call from an officer yesterday morning explaining that he had to write a follow-up report on this allegation. FDH was livid. BM claims now that FDH took her credit card, ID, and forged her signature when he purchased his motorcycle 6 years ago. The cop told FDH at the station that BM had no evidence, so this case would not be picked up by the DA. FDH was annoyed then because even though the cop admitted that there was no evidence, the cop was treating him like he did something wrong. In fact, when the cop called DH that morning he said that it wasn't urgent and DH didn't have to come down to the station that day. His words were, "You don't need to get tangled up with the law." FDH said that he had done nothing wrong, so there's no way he could get tangled up.

At the station, the cop--a young guy, maybe 22-- asked to see all of FDH's tattoos ("for documentation"). He asked FDH for some copies of his signature and compared those to the signature on the motorcycle agreement. He said it didn't look like FDH's. FDH did say (to me, not to the cop) that BM's signature looked a little different than normal, but he recalled her signing it so he's not sure why it looked different). After FDH gave his statement and was on his way out, the cop told FDH that he didn't think he was being completely honest, but here in the United States of America we don't base law off of how we feel. At this point FDH was pissed, and told the cop that he didn't care what he thought, f--k you if you don't believe me.

Yes, he has quite a temper. He's really, really angry right now. BM has not mentioned any of this at all. She called FDH the other day to let him know that he had some mail at her place regarding the motorcycle, he called back to ask her when he could pick it up and she told him she would call him back later. The next day the cop called. I don't know what's going on, but it's not good. FDH is losing his patience, and that's bad. He pays her the money she asks for, doesn't call or bother her unless absolutely necessary, we live our own lives. WTF? FDH is totally confused as to why she keeps trying to take legal action against him, especially when there's NO substance to it. Is she just that bored?

Sorry for the long rant. This is bad though. I'm worried about what FDH will do if she keeps pushing for no reason. He told me that he's been civil long enough, and this is what he gets for it ("Does she want my blood or something?").


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Sounds like the hateful witch we deal with on a regular basis. It's so unfortunate but your DH needs to breath and not loose his cool...I know harder said than done..My DH is the same way he has no patience for his ex and looses his cool..but the cops will see it as he is the bad one...he needs to show them that he has nothing to hide.

Maybe talk to a lawyer and see what can be done as she is harrassing him....

good luck.. Z

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Sounds exactly like what the Behemoth would do!! Eight years and still going strong in my case. I would ask the cops if she'll be brought up on giving false information charges??!!

At least FDH was angry at the BM and not you though! TEE HEE!

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didn't you post about some to do with the motorcycle a while back... something like BM wanted your DH to sign off on it so she could sell it? I don't remember the specifics, but I do remember that I partly sided with BM on that one (RARITY!!) It sounds like because she's not getting her way, she is going to try and make life hell for your DH so he'll do what she wants. Gee we've never heard that one before!! Barf!

We've always been super lucky in that DH was a cop (he's on disability now for a duty related injury) so BM's dont dare file frivilous reports or such because A. they know it would go nowhere and B. they know they would wind up with their asses in trouble. BM#2 used to threaten to "call the cops" when she and DH would get into one of their battles and DH would just laugh and say "you already did dumb ass, you're speaking to one."

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Indeed, I did post about the motorcycle a while ago and many posters did side with BM because her credit was hurt in the end. It was a pretty bitter pill to swallow, even though I agreed with you.

They had a court date set to work all that out, and from what I gathered everyone walked out of court satisfied. Maybe BM didn't understand completely that she wouldn't be able to walk away scott free? I have no idea. Maybe she thinks that by doing this she will be able to fix her credit? I can't imagine so, as there is no way her allegation would hold water, and I hope she's smart enough to know that.

I just have no idea what she wants or why she is doing all this. There is zero communication there. It's very jarring.

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There isn't much that is more maddending than to know that BM is up to something, but not quite being able to figure out what that "something" is! After re-reading your post, I'm surprised that the police even followed up on her allegations, especially since she waited 6 years to file a complaint... what the heck? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this is more about her being vendictive than it is her trying to get so called justice.

I'll be intersted to see if you guys ever figure out just what she is trying to accomplish.

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I agree that it's fairly obvious that this was a ridiculous claim. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I think it's policy for them to follow-up on all claims that are filed--at least those filed in person and in writing. Obviously she submitted the documents with her signature on them. I dunno. I think the other thing that really bothered FDH (and me) about it was that the cop was either a friend of hers or was very convinced that FDH was up to something. The thing is, he was asking FDH about the new town we live in and said he used to be a cop there, and that he still knows people there. FDH feels like this was a veiled hint that we'd be watched or something. I doubt that we actually would be (they have way better things to do), but it certainly doesn't sit well anyway.