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BM Shows up for Prom Pictures-Mom of the Year

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SD16 looked beautiful for Prom night. We got her hair done, nails done, and her dress was just perfect. As she was getting ready she receives a text from BM that she was on her way. This was an hour before Tubby was supposed to pick her up so she had plenty of time to get to the house to take a few pictures and be on her way.

The hour goes by and Tubby and SD16 are posing for pictures in front of our house. BM shows up about 10 minutes later as they were just starting to get in the car to meet up with friends at our downtown lakefront to take pictures with all of their friends. BM gets out of the car with the two younger boys. Both boys look like they haven't bathed in a week and are crusted with dirt. In their hair, their nails, and since they didn't bother to put on shoes I could see their feet were covered in mud.

Both dirty ass boys run up to SD16 to give her a hug and DH intervenes to not get her dirty. BM then starts yelling at DH that the boys should be able to give their favorite sister a hug and she wants a picture. SD16 being nice loosely hugs the boys and I notice and I shit you not a hand print on the back of her dress. I grab the tide stain stick and was able to make it less noticeable. BM then proceeds to take about 50 other pictures of her dirty boys standing next to SD16. She is also so loud that some of the neighbors are coming outside thinking there was either a kagger going on or some type of white trash ho down happening.

At this point they really need to leave to meet their friends. DH and I had planned to drive separately to the lakefront to take pictures also but we didn't mention this to BM. DH tells SD16 to leave with Tubby and we will meet them at the lakefront after BM leaves. She and Tubby all but fly to the car.

BM asks to use the bathroom and DH gives her very specific directions to the McDonalds a few miles up the road. My sweet husband also offered to draw her map. As soon as she pulls out we jump in the car and head out in the opposite direction.

SD16 and Tubby were a little late meeting up with their friends. DH and I missed a few good pictures but we were happy everyone seemed like they were happy and having a good time.

Tubby's mom is one of those passive aggressive women that don’t ever seem to smile. She is the type to make those sighing noises when she is upset about something like not being able to get a picture or if something isn't going just the way she wants. Tubby's mom and dad met us at the lakefront. I tried to make conversation and offered to send the pictures that I had taken in front of the house. She is wound up so tight that I don't know how many shots this women would need to relax. Tubby's dad is a really nice quiet guy who was very pleasant to DH, DD7, and I.

At least BM showed up even though she was late and caused a slight discoloration on the back of SD16 dress, Tubby's mom let them stay at the prom until it ended, and DH, DD7, and I had a lovely meal at the restaurant at the lakefront.

We survived at least until next year.