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Yes..DH your wife is crispy from burnout...but throw another match

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Its been a bit stressful here at chez halo....I've worked more weekends than not and the not's have ended up with me taking pupper to the doggie ER for seizuers and add in I now have to keep track of three different seizure meds plus 2 different emergency meds for pupper.  I'm fried....and I mean crispy at the moment.  Couple this with the fact..I run chez halo...DH fakes being clueless on knowing what needs to be done.    I know he fakes it...he lived on his own..I KNOW HE just easier to have me do the heavy thinking/lifting.  Yesterday I started work at 4:30 a.m. and at 11 I was not done but had to run and give pupper emergency meds because he was seizing again.  Then I had to go back and work till 2 p.m.  Dh watched football.....So yea...nerves are shot and I'm tired asf.

SD wants to do retakes on school pictures..(spoiler alert probably not gonna help but whatever)....she stopped by the office and they told her she needs a form. What form...WHO THE FORK KNOWS.  SD only typically gets about 1/4th of the information so she has no clue.  DH has no clue..they come to halo.  HOW THE FORK WOULD I KNOW...,my kids didn't go to this district and didn't do retakes.  They both want me to figure this out...YEA F NO...AND I DON'T MEAN FORK.  

Seriously..DH call the damn school figure it out..SD go back to the office and get more info.  ALL OF WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE HALO.   I had to tell them both this and got attitude from both that they had things to do.  I took all I had to tell SD...unless you take off that ridiculous 1 inch thick eyeliner and the stupid fake eyelashes the picture is not going to be better and DH you need get your head out of your @ss and realize you made that mess and its your responsibility to help her..NOT MINE.  

In all seriousness...I broke down sobbing this morning...because I simply cannot take one more thing.  But sure...DH throw another match on the pile...that'll help.  And he is all pissy because I'm tired and irritable.  NO shiznit there DH.....I wonder why.   Oh and I'm controling...YA THINK think maybe because you fake cluelessness and I have to run this b8tch by myself.  Yep..I bet I am controlling...I'm the only one stearing this ship.



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Your DH needs a punch in the head. Stop carrying him and make him pull his weight. 

Sorry about your pooch. 

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Aw, halo. {{{hugs}}}

I wish I could watch your precious furbaby for a few hours so you could get in some much-needed downtime. 

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with a pinch of ADD on both their parts.

I'm with you on the retakes...not needed and not an emergency.

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My DH does this to me, he expects his emergencies to become mine.  I usually ignore him and listen as he complains, grumbles struggles...then I remind him he has a mom if he needs to have somebody make a decision for him. 

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DPW is right.  Go on strike apart from work and puppy care.  And give Mr Halo a kick up the rear end from me.  *diablo*

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Ugh! Sorry to hear that. Focus on your puppy and forget about the stupid retakes. I also have a DH who pretends to "not know" how to do things. He and I have gotten into some major fights about how me being expected to manage everything is work and it's exhausting and then he steps up, but I usually still have to tell him what to step up on. It's a common problem, but skids complicate it, because managing someone else's children should not be part of the deal, unless you are paid as the nanny. I used to "manage" things for SSs...making sure everyone had all their stuff before they left the house, etc. Then I got blamed for something supposedly left at our house, which was actually at BM's house but it was too messy to find it. I knew it went home with skids because I put in in DH's car myself and it was not in his car when he returned. I still got  a flurry of calls from DH in response to BM saying we'd ruined SS's life by not sending home said item. I then got a bunch of texts from MIL who wanted me to give her my alarm code, so she could go in my house and look for said item...and it was at BM's, all along. It was found about an hour after BM sounded the fire alarm that stepmother ruined everting. After that, I did not get involved in any of it. The first time we went away to the family cabin after that, one of the skids said, "where's x?" When we got there. I said, "I don't know, did you pack it?" He looked at me quizzically. I just replied, "everyone is responsible for their own things", which I had also said repeatedly as we were getting ready to leave the house.