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NSMR....but DS related. His issues with moving....

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Oh my sweet naive DS.....we have found his issues with moving are as such...

1.  His sister got the bigger bathroom.  The bathroom she got has no shower but a garden tub.  DS has not taken a bath since he was about 5.  I don't see him taking one now...but boy howdy..because it was 2 foot bigger his is bent out of shape.

2.  His peeved that his new room is not a big as the room he has here or the one he has at his Dads.  MM...well neither is DD's.  I have a 2500 sq foot house and so does his Dad.  Both houses have large bedrooms versus large bathrooms.  So...yep...uh unless DS is ready to purchase a 2500 sql foot house that was built in the 80/90's with large bedrooms...HE WILL NEVER GET A BEDROOM AS BIG AS THE ONE'S HE HAS NOW.  We tried to explain this to him....but true Aspie form..not hearing it.  Keep in mind..DD's room is a whole lot smaller than her other bedrooms and she needs to house no only herself but her guinea pigs as well.  She, however, is happy as a clam to just have one bedroom with all of her stuff.

3.  DS does not want to downsize his stuff.  He is peeved all his knick knacks etc cannot come with him.   They can, just not be put on display all over.  Welcome to adulting DS...we all had to downsize our stuff.  Be happy this isnt' a dorm room.....where you get NO stuff.  I offered to get him a floor to ceiling bookshelf for his stuff.

4.  There is only one assigned parking spot.  Yea that is true but the open parking is just about a 1 minute walk down the sidewalk.  Smh.....and I told them, whoever, gets there first gets the spot.  DD was I can walk it won't kill me.

5.  Finally.....the room is too hot for him.  We told him....use a fan or open the window.

He is so so picky.

Love him...and he is still moving on Sunday....depsite the above "issues'.





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I'm having a hard time not laughing.  These are some SERIOUS first world problems.  

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I think you should gather a bunch of Crappy First Apartment stories from people, and let him read them.  Just about everyone's first apartment was crappy - we all lived there.  I, personally, had a cockroach big enough he should have been helping with the rent, and would gargle the Raid I sprayed on him and defy me to try it again.  Threw a shoe at him once.  He threw it back and hit my knee.  Good times, good times.

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It won't work. Aspies (I have 2) are insular. They get stuck in THEIR bubble and their plight is the only one they can see.

My DS24 is very particular about his comforts, how his things are organized and the temperature. I cannot tell you how many varieties of fans and heaters he's gone through over the years.

If he was moving in with his sister, he would be measuring things, too. They have such an annoying rivalry. smdh!

Yeah, I'm with your DD. I'd park somewhere else just to avoid the whining. But I promise you, he will STILL find a reason to complain. "No fair. Her parking spot is closer to the post office. I have to walk too far." LOLOL

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He only sees his bubble...

Normally DD and DS get along but honestly it is because DD just goes along...since most of the time it doesn't bother her.

You should have heard the conversation over the paint color...Oy....

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Tell them you're making an executive decision as the property owner, and will be painting everything bright aqua blue and sparkling flamingo pink.  LOL   I'm kidding, of course.  

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I would treat them like little children. I would give each of them a choice of 3 colors of YOUR choosing. They can pick from those 3. That's it!

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its very green but hey ok whatever.  DD wanted gray ....DS wanted to keep the bright red that was in there.  (That was a no from me, DH and DD).  DS didn't want blue or any other light color. So Green it was it...


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Today DS24 was awake and grumpy. He had to call the dr. to schedule lab work but no one was picking up. To him, this is personal and they wer surely incompetent.

I turned to him and said, "News flash. You are NOT the only or most important person in the world. People have other things to tend to, so keep waiting and stop b*tching."

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But definitely crappy!! The first night in my basement room in a charming, but very old early 1900s house that 10 of us last year in college. I'm all tucked in at night, reading a book, when a BAT flew in from the crack underneath my closed door.
After majorly freaking out (no cell phones back then) and I didn't want to wake my roommates up, I ended up throwing a blanket over it and carrying the blanket outside to free the little beast. Gives me the willies just remembering it!

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My brother is 23 and aspie and he is the same way. He becomes so fixated on things being exactly like they were at Mom and Dad's because that is "comfortable" for him. New and different is scary. 

My brother took his first apartment and attempted to decorate it just like Mom and Dad's. My Mom said he had everything arranged and organized just like it was in our childhood home. The layout was obviously different, but he tried so hard to make it as similar as possible. 

My Mom's slogan for my brother and I is "Fair doesn't always mean equal" because my brother used to do the same thing and point out every little difference that appeared to be an advantage in my favor. 

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Take him to see the crappiest apartment you can find in the worst neighborhood and tell him it's that or the condo.  Your DD sounds like a great sister.

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to a point.  LOL  They spent quite a lot of time by themselves at their Dad' they really do get along fairly well.   However, even she is reaching the end of her patients with him on this move.

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My SS17 is on the spectrum, high functioning. He and his older sis SD18 are very close. She gets annoyed with him, but it takes a lot to push her buttons. I wish I had some of her patience!