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Is it a bird, or Unicorn or is it SD..

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Why its SD in an adult size unicorn onsies.  SD was about 12 when this happened.  The sleep over story reminded me of this one.

SD has a terrible habit of coming to our house in her PJ's and flip flops.  If DH has to pick up SD from the Beaver den he knows SD will be wearing PJ's.  Smh.  This is so common that if we need to go anywhere after pickup, we bring SD proper clothes and shoes. 

Beaver also b*tches constantly that we are keeping SD's clothes.  See the epic Christmas Eve track suit incident.  After that incident in which Beaver graced my doorstep demanding a $10 track suit on Christmas Eve I made it my mission that whatever SD or GWR wore to our house from Beaver's they wore right back.  didn't matter how long they were at our house..I would do a special load of laundry just to be sure they wore her crap back.

This occasion SD had a full on unicorn onsies...complete with gold horn, rainbow tail and mane and footie feet. SD had jammed said footie feet into flip flops.  It was a sight. This pick up was on the Friday before Easter...SD would be going back to Beaver on Sunday morning for Easter as it was her Holiday that year. problemo...on Saturday I washed the magical unicorn onsie in prep for Sunday.

Easter Sunday rolls around and Beaver shows up to pick up SD at 8 a.m.  Interesting, Beaver is driving Beaver Sr and Mr Beaver Sr's van with GWR.  Oh this should be good....Out bound SD in her magical unicorn onesie and flip flops (WTF is with the flip flops).  We smile and send SD on her merry way.

OH Beaver was not a happy Beaver..they were going to breakfast brunch and then church for Easter day.  Beaver did not plan ahead and did not bring SD any other clothes for SD to wear and there was no time to go home and change.  They had reservations since it was Easter Day and would miss them if they did.  *diablo*  SD had to go to a fancy smancy restaurant for brunch and to church in the magical unicorn onesie and flip flops.

From what SD told us Beaver b*tched up a storm on how we couldn't send her back in real clothes.  What was wrong with us sending SD back to her in a Unicorn Onesie.

Too Bad so Sad got back exactly what you sent.


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LMFAOOOOOO! I love karma! The image of having to take SD in her unicorn onesie with her hooves jammed into flip-flops is hysterical!

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Hahahaha. Sorry I'm out jogging and took a quick break sitting on the bench(it's freaking hot), and I just read all of that, and can't stop laughing LOL.

My SS's BM sent him back in girl clothes once. pleather jeans with RHINESTONES on them. They were immediately thrown in the trash. Then one time for Halloween..SS was like 14..tall and lanky..His BM let him pick out a costume at Party City..He chose to be a Blue Pikman! It was all tight spandex wear! He looked really f****** stupid! We really think BM was literally trying to make SS g**. Disgusting!

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and waits till 5 minutes before pick up time to wake up SD.  SD rolls out of bed puts on the first pair or shoes...usually flip flops on and heads out the door.  

The unicorn horn stabbed her in the @ss that time.  

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Okay that is epic, did it happen to cause SD to stop wearing pajamas after that? I'm guessing probably not.

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or whatever clothes she slept in.  Now SD comes over before school so half of the time she changes to our clothes for school. We, however, make her change back to her PJ's before Beaver picks her up after school.  Otherwise SD would have no clothes here, only crappy PJ's and Beaver's old T-shirts (EWWW).


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Haha that's awesome. My SD brings tons of clothes that BM packs for her and then doesn't change for shower for the whole visit until right before she goes home. 

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That is hilarious!

We went through a stage, before BM was with the Golden Goose (BM's current husband), when I watched the skids on her days when she was at work.  (Since she's been with the Golden Goose she has not needed to work)  To save time in the mornings, she would just toss them in the car in their PJs straight from bed.  No hair brushing, teeth brushing, breakfast, etc.  I would get OSD dressed and out to the bus stop, which is in front of our house.  After a few weeks, BM ran out of PJs and had to call to arrange a "clothes for PJs" exchange.  Fortunately we had more clothes than she had PJs, so we never ran out.  Otherwise OSD would have been going to school in her PJs - I didn't much care what she wore.  After that BM tried to send them in clothes, at least most of the time.  

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Omg haha!

SD12 comes over in too small coral colored spandex shorts and some dressy type blouse....filthy white shoes with not only mis matched socks....but not even the same style of sock....and always a rats nest in the back of her hair and sweaters on her yellow teeth.

We buy her cute clothes from Abercrombie kids and whatever shoes are in....but this is what she wears.

nobody says a word....and she will leave the house like that. 

Sometimes I feel bad for her...she just got cut from the cheerleading team but I saw how she dressed for tryouts and wonder.

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That's the most hilarious karma story I've ever heard!

BM sends SD in the most disgusting clothes and packs horrendous clothes, like tacky shirts that say "my moms a queen" *eyeroll*. Surely on purpose. We now keep all clothes that are purchased by us, or gifts from others in connection to us, here at our home and they DONT get sent to BMs house. We learned our lesson after buying hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas clothes of nice brands, only to never be seen again and Walmart/goodwill clothes worn here. She also gets sent home in what she came in.

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Don't you see the creative challenge this presents? How about "adapting" the text on his shirts? "My mom's a queef", for instance.

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Hahahaha! Love it, this was so great. Made me smile. Thank you for this story.