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Bawwhahahaha...Sure B*ver file comtempt....

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Beaver just sent a message to DH wanting to pick up SD today since DH picked SD up at her request since her mom physically assaulted her.  Beaver shouldn't have to miss time with SD and if DH doesn't hand her over she will file contempt.


Sure..Beaver go ahead and file contempt and we will be happy to inform the court that we picked up SD at her request because you assaulted her.  That Children Services is now involved and DH was not about to turn SD back over to you after you hit, kicked, pinched and bit her.  No problem....see ya in court.

Also, we told her we are exercising Dh's first right of refusal.  Beaver is all like..I don't have do any will have to pick her up and bring her home.  No problem there either.  I'm sure the magistrate and child services will love to hear how uncoorporative you are and how DH is willing to do whatever he has to for SD.

Why o why does she feel like any of this is a threat to DH.  Even is he pays more child support due to increase in income...its still only three years and then the gravy train leaves her station.

Suck it orange toothed psycho...

SD's comment was...Good God why can't she just leave it alone.  Its a day and half....not like its months and months.  Why does she have to stir up drama.


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Because Beaver is terrified that gravy train is going to dry up sooner than she expected.

When we got custody of Spawn, DH and Meth Mouth were in the middle of a CS case as well. As soon as DH got custody CS was stopped and the CS case was a big failure because Meth Mouth was stupid and lied and figured we didn't have proof to expose her lies.

DH still had to pay Meth Mouth out for some, but not the windfall she had been expecting on top of the amount she would be getting monthly. Nope that all poofed into the ether and Meth Mouth had to start turning tricks to get her drugs.

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she knows her hold on DH is OVER.  GWR is 18 almost 19 and she is stuck with his druggie ass.  DH at this point is out of f*cks give about GWR and won't engage with Beaver over him at all.  SD's time on the old custody train is limited and Beaver will not have her whipping post anymore as DH will not have to engage with her ever again.

AKA...DH'S INDENTURED SERVITUDE IS COMING TO AN END. Beaver will have to find someone else to use as her reason to be miserable.

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My DH has 3 more CS payments. THREE! I was figuratively jumping up and down about it, and DH said, "I think you are more excited than I am!"  I said it's because BM will have no more legal hold over DH. No more legal ties. No more threatening court. And she'll have to deal with and support her Failure To Launch kid all on her own.

Can't wait. Last payment goes out just before Christmas. We will be celebrating.

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or less depending if Beaver does file contempt and then DH will file for full custody.  Come March when GWR ages off the gravy train..I'm buying a cake.

I already dumped that blight on society from my insurance for next year.

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The old "sure take us to court, I would LOVE that!" My ex H tried the same thing when my son at fifteen called me at 9pm to come and get him because biodad in a drunken rage was threatening to punch him in the face,happy birthday son (it was sons 15th birthday that HE had chosen to spend with his dad for a change) . He also threatened to withhold child support because understandably son no longer wanted to visit. Son is now an "adult" (18) and trying to reestablish a relationship. This is about the third time now.  

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Never do, it's always about them, their hurt feelings and how if YOU hadn't done such and such THEY wouldn't have over reacted. Uhuh. That's how it works in their fantasy world. 

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When BM and I had our falling out and she "threatened" court (to me but added SO to the chat.. it was pathetic) I honestly think she (and SO agrees) thought under no way would SO follow through with her threats. SO was growing his backbone. 

She did that to him prior to me when he sold their house. Sent him a letter from some lawyer about child support. He then (being scared) bumped her not court ordered child suppprt up. And while we were going through court she tried to convince him to only pay her $400 a month to drop the case...LOLL BM we are finishing the whole process whether you like it or not. 

Well things clearly have changed since then but, people like that who threaten court not realizing the outcome is probably not going to be in their favor are just not bright in my opinion. 

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lost in child support court.  She threatened pretty much monthly that she was going to take him back to court and get even more than the $1000 a month plus half and he always, always caved.  Well, for some dumb a$$ reason, she waits until after oldest SD turns 18 and files for even more child support.  He was just going to keep paying her the $1000 a month but she got greedy.  Her child support was not only knocked in half but he got a credit from when she filed  Her face!! It was priceless.  It was amazing!  And he said no more halves for anything other than prescriptions and doctor visits for younger SD who turned 18 like four months after the court date.  It was glorious, I tell you.  One of the best days of my life.  I gave her and her DH the biggest smile on their way out of the court room.  She is such an idiot.  She never even went to a lawyer.  She did that on her own dumb self.  I think she did it after a fight.  "I'll show him!!"  and just like that the gravy train was OVER!  Stepkids say she is in such financial dire straits cause of her shopping habits.