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aww Beaver doesn't like SD's homecoming dress...shocked..not shocked

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SD is going to homecoming with her friends.   She asked that DD and I take her for a dress.  She asked nicely and well DD loves to shop for dresses so we went.  I did ask SD point blank if this was something she would like Beaver to do since its a "mom" sort of thing.  Sd replied that no..she didn't want Beaver to take her for two reasons.

1.  Beaver's taste in clothing sucks.  (I agree with SD..Beaver dresses like a cross between a 80 year old women and a homeless person)

2. Beaver would just make her get a random dress at Target and would not go to any of the stores you traditionally get a dress at.

Ok...I did point out that this might make Beaver angry with her...and SD didn't think since Beaver wouldn't want to any money on a dress.

So...we went to look for a dress.  It was hard this year..not many choices, SD is built like a square and most dresses are designed for someone around a size 2 or 4. SD is most assuredly not a size 2 or 4.  However, after three stores we found two dresses that fit her and made her look really nice.  SD chose one and really really liked it.

Surprise..Beaver does not like it.  She told SD it was too much for homecoming and that she would never pick that.  

SD responded that Beaver has no taste in clothing and that she thinks wearing head to toe floral print looks good.  (Had to laugh when SD relayed that to my DD).

SD told doesn't matter Beaver would like anything that DD and I helped her pick out but that was ok...since SD at least knew we wouldn let her look ridiculous.

Here's to SD not looking ratchet for homecoming...and Beaver having a cat butt face when she found out we helped SD get a dress.


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I do not miss the days of ET dressing the boys, and having to be at school events with ET "dressed up". The boys always looked a hot mess - unkempt hair, unbrushed teeth, unwashed bodies and clothes, clothes with holes and wrinkles, clothes that didn't fit, etc. Mind you, DH and I bought all their clothes, so it's not like they didn't own anything newer and nicer. They just weren't cared for, and ET didn't make them change when they looked like hot messes.

But then again, ET didn't look much better. A casual look was bondage pants and a band shirt. "Dressed up" was usually some super low-cut shirt or dress from Hot Topic and periwinkle lipstick. Plus her hodge-podge of wacky colored facial and ear piercings. I'm by no means a prude or preppy (my ears are gauged, I have tattoos, half my head is shaved, and I have spent more than a few paychecks at Hot Topic or on similar clothing), but if I was going to a school function for the kids, I tried to look decent for their benefit.

Anyway, good for SD for recognizing her mother's limitations and seeking assistance elsewhere. Even if she doesn't know how to properly show it, SD probably has a lot of gratitude toward you and DD for being kind, thoughtful, and helpful. You're one of the good ones, Halo.

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I mean I love good hot topic t-shirt and it goes with my tats and piercings.  LOL  But when going to see other adults I tend to dress nicely.  Besides..I love a good high heel.

Beaver dresses like Sophia from the golden girls.  Plus...this just drives me insane....all her pants are either 2 inches too short or 3 inches too long.  So you either get pants that are ready for the flood (trust me they are too long for capri's but way too short to look like normal pants) or pants that have frayed and holes on the bottoms from her walking on them. It just want to yell..they have people called TAILORS they could fix those long @ss ratty pants.  Now before anyone gets on me..I'm not even 5 foot tall so EVERYTHING I wear either has to be petite size or altered.  So yea...I know how much it costs.

I hate to see SD go out looking horrible.  I don't with that on anyone, especially a teenage girl.  Girls are so  mean...and SD wants to look nice but given her mother that can be hard.

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SD15 didnt tell me or DH until a few hours before. And she wore a cotton lycra dress (short) with tennis shoes and no socks. She wears no makeup and bathed, but her short hair was unwashed and unconditioned. Dh was upset, but I just told him as long as SHE is comfortable and SHE is happy, its not really about him. I had to repeat myself. He felt better.

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He is very very particular about his the none washed hair would send him into a tizzy.

I too have to tell him..not a hill to die on.  Not everyone is as fastidious as he is.

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His hair is buzzed, and gelled, his sweats are clean as are his socks. He dresses up for his birthdays in a suit and tie. Hes very proper in some things and even Feral Forger would dress up.

But SHE doesnt like to do that. It was what she wanted which was comfort.

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Beaver having a cat butt face

LOL!! Good on you and DD for helping SD find a nice, flattering dress. 

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I went with SD to choose her first wedding dress.  I remember thinking it was something BM should be doing.  As I recall, SD kept trying to schedule the trip with BM (SD was living here then), but the timing never worked out.  I wonder why it didn't work out because BM never worked.  So, though I was working full time, going to night school and had a household of 5 teenagers and a hyper DH, I went.  I'm sure part of it was BM not having the $ to contribute.  And, I felt that as long as our money was being spent, I'd decide how to spend it.  The good ole days.....

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I cannot imagine what that will be like with SD.  **shudders** cause you know it won't be SD's will be Beaver's with SD as the supporting cast.  

I think on that one I will have to bow out. but who knows since there is no way Beaver will pay for anything for a wedding.  That is "the Fathers" responsibility dontcha know.

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I'm glad she was able to find a good dress - especially with a tough to fit shape! Yay Smile

I feel the pain - we have three family wedding in the next 4 months, so I and the women in my famlly have been dress shopping for what feels like an eternity and the options are very limited these days. 

My girls went to homecoming in everything from fancy gowns to t-shirt dresses from heels to sneakers. Homecoming is much more casual than other dances...and our HS hosts the dance along with carnival rides so the attire varies quite a bit.