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Oh Beaver..your least on the book of faces

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Ah..homecoming when all HCBM's become least on social media.   Because if its on Social Media..its true right??? 

Beaver did nothing for Homecoming....not even take SD to get a manicure.  Nada..nothing......DD and I help SD get a dress.

DH took SD to get her hair done...DD and I got SD her shoes and jewelry.   Beaver...was where in all this....yep let see....uhn NO WHERE

But of course Beaver shows up for pictures....and posts all over the book of faces....looks at my precious DD.  Look at my beautiful daughter....going to homecoming.  Like she did everything. 

How do we know..SD showed me her mom's book of faces page..(I'm SD hated the pictures her mom posted of her.

So..yea...Beaver is one of those..if it's not on the book of faces..then it didn't happen.  So her whole life is posted there. 

Just another day of being the "wizard behind the curtain".  Funny part...DD was visably PISSED that Beaver was acting all mother of the year.  Beaver attempted to talk to DD...and DD just raised her eyebrow at her and walked away.  I'm sure Beaver will b*tch to the Village Idiot (my ex) and the VI will say something to DD.  DD does not care.....she hates Beaver with the passion of 10,000 suns and has no problem telling the VI so.


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DBDB here still does the same even with SS23 telling her no contact for awhile since all she does is bring him drama.

One time that really sticks out is I posted a picture of now SS19 and his team when they won a big baseball tournament.  She NEVER came to any game or practice.  Since I have her blocked, she had a mutual friend always show her my FB.  Well she took the pic and posted to her own FB with the caption "so proud to be the best mother to a winning son" and TAGGED THE WRONG KID!     Needless to say, she got a lot of ribbing for that one and took the pic down.

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I hope SD had a good time at the dance.  Meth Mouth was the same way about Spawn.  She would never contribute or do anything, until it came to school dances then suddenly she was "My precious daughter, spending time together getting her ready for the dance...reminds me of MY high school days."  Reality was Meth Mouth wasn't even there except for the photos then she would scurry back to her meth den for another fix. 

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This mindset is so bizarre to me, how they just want to look like good parents rather than be good parents. How do they not realize that so many people known the truth about who they really are? It's as if they believe their own lies about what wonderful parents they are, completely. 

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Yeah, 80% of parenting is thankless work.  People like this don't want that part, they want the 20% that comes out of the 80%.  Or 90/10, YMMV.

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They have to believe their own lies and they think they are actually good parents.  

We strongly believe that BM here honestly think she's "doing her part" as a parent. While actually doing absolutely nothing. The few times she sees them... 100% is probably blasted all over social media. 

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It's interesting because SS21 is the same. I'm sure he believes his own lies and unrealistic plans. 

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Just ask her.  She will tell you all about being a poor widdle single parent to two kids.  She is doing it all alone......**sniff** **sniff*....DH is big baddy...he divorced her for no reason at all. She was the perfect wife and mooooooottthhhhhhherrrrrrrr.  Its all DH's fault if the skids are in trouble.

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Parenting is not about just looking takes work..ALOT OF IT.  In Beaver's case...she gets all kinds of affirmations from her book of faces friends..

Oh your such a good mom....oh too bad SD doesn't look like you. (that one I was like rude)...oh I'm sure you were so happy to get her ready...blah...blah...blah..

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"Too bad SD doesn't look like you" who says that??! 

I'm sure BM does too. Every year she updates her cover story to the photo of the skids that I take.. "look how big my babies are.." blah blah. 

BM had literally zero to do with SD all through middle school but, I had to stay home so she can play MOTY at her step up ceremony. 

They are only fooling themselves. 

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SD is lucky to have you and DD.  Her mother is at best a flake and worst mad.  Hope SD appreciates you guys.

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This was ODS dad to a T. Absent except when it was convenient for him and then it was mostly making sure he was in a bunch of pics to show how involved he was. After he stopped seeing him altogether he would repost old pictures to make it look like he still saw him. 

Some people are just sh*t and that's really all there is to it.

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By the time those pictures come up on Beaver's FB memories, she will remember doing *everything.*   Because she's MOTY and the pictures are on HER FB.