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ILs visiting

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ILs are visiting for SDs birthday, lucky us.  Last time they came, they literally just showed up at BMs house, attended BMs party for SD, and drove home.   No thought to their other grandkids, but with SD shining so bright, I’m sure they just can’t see the other two.

Anyway, SD is at her mom’s for this birthday as well.  Since no one in her family could afford SDs $20,000 dream quincenera, BM is taking her out to dinner.  Best case scenario, ILs will crash it, and BM can entertain my crazy MIL without DH there.  I feel a little sorry for BM, but really it’s her penance for reproducing with DH.  Meanwhile my kids and I will be doing some fun activity, and they won’t even care that their grandparents suck.

I’m just hoping DH doesn’t get sucked into going too, because that means I’m expected to go.  In all honesty, I’d rather sit down at a table with BM, than MIL anyday.  BMs family is a little nutty, but bearable, even fun at times.  However, if he gets sucked in, DH is driving, because I’m going to be drinking until I feel really good.  Maybe I’ll even get drunk enough to say some tacky stuff I might not regret.

Edited To add: I just realized I am one lucky mom to not have the favored grandchild, I don’t have to put up with them just popping up on my kids’ birthdays.  I honestly have zero responsibility toward my ILs other than to be distantly polite to show my kids how to act like a mature adult, even when people are horribly offensive.


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*blum3*  This cracked me up. At least you have the clarity to see that you are very lucky that BM gets the "joy" that  is your mother in law and you and your kids are actually lucky to not be "favored" in her eyes. 


My step daughter was like that on her 15th birthday.  She wanted a big to do quincenera and I blogged about it here.  Everyone was all "Is she of latin descent?" and I was "NOPE!"  She just expects lots of money and huge party for turning 15.