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She really is a fruit loop

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Well fiance's divorce has been final for 3 weeks as of today.:P So he gets a call on his cell phone this morning. He knows that i can't stand when he talks to her in my presence. So he just called me at work and was like guess what she wanted. I said what he said she asked about the new insurance cards that i got. I said why . He said she said," that her teeth hurt and she needed to go the dentist." Now fiance couldn't take her off of his insurance until the divorce was final. They have been separated for five years. So when we left the courthouse that day he went straight to his job and took the divorce decree with him so that he could get her off of his insurance. He said that sister girl was hot. LOL Biggrin what did she think that he was going to continue to let her use him forever. She said you already took me off your insurance. Well duh boo-boo grow up and get your own insurance. Its time to be independent. He said she got off the phone soon after she realized she had no more insurance. Man she just makes my booty hole itch.


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that is RICH!!
takes all kinds doesnt it!

“You will never be on top of the world
if you try to carry it on your shoulders.”

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Stupidity is an equal opportunity condition.

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What an idiot, i found this website and im absolutely estatic, i cant wait to share all of my lovely stories with you all!!