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Evils puppy

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I want to breed my puppy and have considered buyin a female. I'm not sure that I want to get her or not at the moment but I have been talking about it with DH. He said that's fine if that's what I want. Thunderfoot always eavesdrops on our conversations. I've never talked to her about the puppy because it's none of her business. She told Softheart that it was very irresponsible of me to get a new puppy because then she would never get her new phone. Hahahahaha I don't know what my buying a puppy has to do with her phone. Because I'm certainly not buying her one.


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I have papers on him and have considered studding him out. I'm on the fence about buyin her but I would be a responsible breeder.

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She's one to talk about being irresponsible.

But since she's bringing up responsibility, your DH should make HER responsible for getting herself a new phone.

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Did you buy your puppy from a breeder or a store? He looks like a boston terrier, is that what he is?

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How will you be a responsible breeder?

You do not have a purebred dog - you have a mutt. I'm not making a judgement, best dogs I have ever had were mutts. But there is no reason at all to breed a dog who is not purebred. And there are very few reasons to breed purebreds.

Over 1 million unwanted dogs are put down in this country every year. Anyone who breeds their dog, or does not spay or neuter their dog, contributes to this problem.

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So you bought him in Canada? Because the AKC doesn't recognize mixed breeds, so I am curious what "papers" he could have. He is not purebred, which really doesn't mean anything, because he is cute as a button. However, for you to claim you are going to be a responsible breeder is a farce. People breed dogs for a couple of reasons mostly for money,show or protection. If you are breeding your dog for money, you are not responsible, you are adding to the unwanted pet population. They other two reasons are moot in your puppies case.
I asked where you bought him, because if you bought him from a store he came from a bad place. Unless you saw the parents in a home environment, he came from a bad place.

I used to work for a pet store that sold puppies.I was young and in my naive mind I never could have fathomed where they were coming from. When I finally got on the "inside" track, I found out that the puppies were coming from mills. The manager was ordering puppies from a list of available puppies that was faxed to the store every week. The most expensive puppy was about 125 dollars, and we regularly sold dogs for 500 dollars up to 1500 dollars. People were financing dogs! Dogs that came from horrible conditions and places and that we paid less than 25 percent of what we were charging.People associated high price with value,so once they fell in love with "that purebred puppy" they would spend their money and credit if they had to. Here is the best part, the store was owned by a vet, so he knew what was going on! Thank God karma caught up after I quit and they were shut down and publicly shamed. Of course they were "AKC registered" which is bullshit, because the AKC is not a regulatory agency. It doesn't regulate the breeding of dogs, so even if the dog had genetic issues, health issues, was being bred multiple times, it went unchecked.
You are going to do what you want to do because people will rationalize things as it fits their motivations. But know that you probably have already contributed to the problem by investing in that puppy, and no matter how many people are "lined up" to purchase a new litter of puppies,you cannot guarantee puppy health or safety in the long run. The shelters are full of beautiful, purebred dogs, that people have spent good money on that they threw away for the most inane reasons. There is a tendency for people to think there is something wrong with the dog. Nope, it's the people.
You are an intelligent person, please don't add to the 2 million unwanted dogs in America. Please don't buy another puppy without researching thoroughly where they came from.
I am in the investigation field, if you need help discovering the truth, (unless you bought them directly from the home of the breeder) let me know. This is not judgement,just facts. I hope it helps everyone who reads this understand how some puppies come into being.

This story calls them a "commercial breeder". But there were 80 dogs on this truck.Same way we used to get ours for the store.

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I agree with all of this! I paid out the ass for a mini Pom from a "breeder" and sure enough got papers on him! He grew to almost full size with only one testie. Of course when I bought him they told me he was everything I wanted. I didn't know that just because they have papers doesn't mean they aren't mixed up. I want another dog and it actually be a mini Pom but I flip flop between adopting from a shelter and getting the puppy I really want.

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Watch for what you want on I've gotten my purebred dogs from rescue organizations for years now. I usually get a dog about a year old which is the perfect age for training. They are usually housebroken too.

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You are exactly on point! The purebreds aren't exactly purebreds anymore because of "designing" them to be a certain way.

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I want a Bengal kitty!!!!!

Although, I don't agree with breeding. Sad

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All very great advice! I'm probably not going to breed him. Only because we haven't gotten settled into the house we want. We rent now waiting to get to Florida. But I'm still wanting that little girl. I do love rescues and I've had many but sometimes ya just want what you want ...