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Had a relaxing Sunday for once

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DH and I grilled out and had some friends over. Thunderfoot had asked if BF could come over. Originally we weren't going to be here so DH told her no but she could go to his house if he would come get her and bring her home at a decent hour. We decided early on in the day that we weren't going to go out but I nicely asked DH not to tell her because then they would want to stay here and hang all over each other. I think it's only fair that they switch off houses if they want to spend time together. DH agreed. BF and his dad came and picked up TF around 3. The rest of the day was ours to do as we pleased. It was really nice and relaxing. DH said he noticed an instant change in me as soon as she left. I told that I'm sure he stress but that I was working on trying not to snarl every time she was near. She wasn't quite so annoying today. The only thing she complained about was no food in the house. I was tempted to make a list of everything we have and give it to her but I just ignored it. Thank goodness for the internet and TV because she's been in her room all day except to eat.


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There is plenty of food here. She is just too lazy to look for it. Last night DH and I had a salad...she was in her room and I didn't fix her one because she is capable of doing it herself. She came out about an hour later, DH was outside smoking, under her breath she said, "I'm starving!" She had only eaten 3 other times. I acted like a didn't even hear her. You're 16, there is food in the kitchen. If you are hungry, go fix yourself something. It's not MY job!