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Shopping Spree! (Part Deux)

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Shopping spree went A LOT better than I thought it would (see previous blog entry).

To begin, as per some of your suggestions, we managed to hire a baby-sitter. Well sort of. I mentioned that our neighbor’s daughter is anxious to apply her skills as a babysitter on BS and BD. We asked our neighbor and she said it would be better if the kids come over to her place. This way her daughter can watch our two kids and she can watch her daughter and make sure she is doing her baby-sitting job properly (she’s been trained but she never babysat anyone yet). I thought it was a good idea. Our kids get looked after, and our neighbor’s daughter gets some babysitting practice all under the watchful eye of her mother.

The question was what do we do with SS? We gave him plenty of options to consider. Call a friend, stay home, go to the neighbor’s house too, etc. In the end SS called a friend who agreed to meet him at the mall we were going too. This would mean that SS would be with us for about two hours. Okay, not the best situation I could hope for but two hours is nothing.

Well we arrived at the mall and our first challenge was to find the store DW wanted to check out. So we were trying to read the mall map which is normally easy to read except SS kept yammering on about something to his mother and just wouldn’t pause his motor-mouth babbling for a second.

“Hey Mom! Mom? MOM!?!?!? Mommy?” Like Stewie from the Family Guy

Oh boy. It’s going to be a LONG two hours I thought

I walk side-by-side with DW for a moment and DW interlocks her arms with mine.

SS moves to the other side and interlocks DW’s other arm. Great! Now I feel like a shmuck contestant on one of those reality dating shows where all the guys vie for the girl's attention. SS is all smiles and gazing up at DW like some love-smitten puppy.

Taking advice from another STalker (RedWings) I grab my cell phone and quickly sprint ahead hoping to catch DW and SS in the “act”. Maybe DW will finally see the Oedipus complex that I have been seeing for years!

Unfortunately, I have the photography skills of a color blind, cross-eyed tortoise. I snap the pic, but it is horribly out of focus and half of DW’s face is cut-off. Seriously, it was bad! Photos of the Loch Ness Monster are clearer than this.

So we walk into the store that DW wanted to check out. It was one of those trendy places. You know the ones that feel like you are walking into a night club? Yeah, those ones. The place was booming some pop song with a heavy base. The bright floodlights cascaded over displays showcasing the latest fashions. We were immediately greeted by a young cheery sales lady who asked if we needed some help. DW explained what she wanted and the girl immediately went to task to show her what is available leaving SS and myself alone for a few minutes.

Now I mentioned before that SS is quite tall for his age. He’s only 13 but without asking for ID he could easily pass for 16; which is probably why a second sales-girl approached SS to ask him if he needed some help finding something.

The look on SS’s face was priceless! The girl was cute and being super sweet with him and yet SS recoiled from her like she was the Blair Witch.

AGGHHHHH! You’re not my mother! Shoo! Shoo! Go away!

“How about you sir?” The girl asked me “Do you need any help?”

I told her no, and jokingly said that we were merely the ‘male escorts’. The girl laughed. I did ask her some questions about the sales and she explained to me a little about the outfits they had. I actually learned a little about female fashion that day.

Later, DW emerged with an outfit she was trying on. DW found a light form-fitting sweater but couldn’t decide on the black or the grey one.

“You know me.” I said. “When in doubt, just get both.”

DW smiled at me. Then she saw SS.

“SS? What’s wrong?” DW asked.

SS just shrugged his shoulders and continued to mope.

“He’s a stranger in a stranger land.” I responded while winking at DW. I then whispered “And one of the sale’s girls tried to talk to him.”

DW just rolled her eyes. She understood completely and proceeded back to the changing room stating she’ll be quick.

The rest of the time DW tried to cheer up SS but his mood was so sour not even an offer of an ice-cap (SS loves those) would cheer him up. DW did snap at him at one point to tell him to ‘knock it off’ and next time, we’ll just leave him behind he can be a sour puss at home.

And that was it! DW and I just ignored SS the rest of the time he was with us.

DW managed to get a whole new wardrobe and I even got myself a sweater.


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My local mall has a movie theater with like 8 different movies to select from going on. My sons hated shopping. I always scheduled my mall shopping around which movie they wanted to view. Handed them money for the food court because I might not be ready when movie was out. I'd meet up with them there when I was finished and we all ended up enjoying the afternoon.

Glad trip went well for you. You can't really expect SS to jump for joy and smile all the way through his mom trying on dozens of outfits. Thirteen year old boys I doubt for the majority of them are going to enjoy that. It was his decision to go though so it's good he just moped instead of being a real pain in the behind.

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Our mall used to have a movie theater but it closed down. In it's place is a trendy restaurant. SS's mood did perk up when he discovered that the mall has free Wi-Fi.

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I have the photography skills of a color blind, cross-eyed tortoise.

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Since you were kind enough to cover the offensive line with the disclaimer that it is "just an observation" I will do the same:

1) You and I have a VERY different opinion of what we consider to be "normal" teenage boy behavior. Yes, it is normal for boys on the cusp of teenagehood to want to cling to their childhood. That is the ONLY thing in your comment that I will agree with. The rest of the rubbish you wrote is just that; rubbish. It is NOT normal for boys SS's age to cling to their mother the way SS does. I used to work with boys SS's age and I do remember what it was like to be SS's age so I do believe I am very qualified to know what is and what isn't normal about SS's behavior especially since I know SS very well by now, perhaps even better than his own bio-parents.

2) While we are on the topic of "observations", your accusations of setting up a "testosterone match" with the sales girl and for trying to purposely make SS feel bad when I had absolutely no hand in either of these things is totally uncalled for. I am not even sure how you can call it an "observation" unless you somehow got the store's security camera footage. So please don't foist accountability on me for things I had no business being accountable for. My comment to DW about SS's sudden depression was out of SS's earshot anyways. So I really don't see how you or anyone can see my comment to DW as "not nice". She asked a question. I answered. Simple as that.

3) I presented this blog entry in a humourous light (well to me anyway), not as an opportunity for an in-depth analysis over what is wrong in my life or in SS's life. SS felt down and was moping for half the time he was with us. He brought that sh*t upon himself; not his mother, not his father and certainly not me. Heck we even tried to cheer him up afterwards but he just wanted to stew in his own depression.

4) I wasn't expecting SS to flirt with the sales girl. I did expect him to say "no thank you ma'am. I don't need any help", but yeah, I suppose when that cute girl smiled at SS, he may forgotten his own name. Happened to me once a long time ago. So yeah I can see how that can be embarrassing but when I was at that age, I learned to cope with that embarrassment quickly. I didn't sink into an utter depression and be misreable for hours on end.