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shame on him

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i have a 6 year old with a moron. i have to meet him across town to at the sub station so we exchange our daughter. okay, so i bring her December 18th to meet him, i asked him if he wanted extended holiday visit since he missed thanksgiving weekend. he through an up roar fit, and started to cuss me and my older sister out, while in front of our daughter. we had to get an officer to come out and tell him to leave. well, since he has had her over the weekend, i have not gotten 1 phone call back, and no one has answered my calls. i had went down to the police station Monday morning to make a report or have someone go out to his given address to see why she hasn't called. the deputy i talked to said they cant do anything because its not in their jurisdiction. he said if i wanted to do a child welfare check, i could so i did. when the officer got to ex house he was there, but my daughter was not, she was with his mom in Naples. (he asked for visitation but yet hes not visiting with her) the officer called me and told me his report. my ex called me 10mim later and said they were on the way to go see our daughter. i waited and kept calling and still no answer. i talked to her dad at 10pm and he said that they didn't have time to go up there to get her.. so she was with someone thats NOT a legal parent and with people i do not know. as the mother and legal sole guardian, i have the right and responsibly to know where my child is at all times. i would like for someone or anyone on here to advise me if it would be a good idea to open a DCF case????


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I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

I would talk to your lawyer before you open up a DCF case. Tell them what you just said here, and show them your documentation. Doucmenting everything is VERY important. Ask your lawyer if you can record calls and visitation exchanges with your ex. It is definitely wrong of him to bash you and your sister in front of your daughter. No parent should bash the other parent or the other parent's family in front of the child(ren).

As far as her visiting his family, I don't know if there's much you can do about that. However, you'd definitely be within your rights to want to meet them and get to know them so you can see if they are good people. If they pose a threat to your daughter, you can talk to your lawyer so you can see what you can legally do to make sure they aren't around her when she visits her father.

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Ok from what I read the issues are
1) your not sure when the child exchange time will be - call your ex and simply ask that question.
2) you are not sure on the exact location of you daughter. But you know she is with her Grandmother. Is it possible to just call the grandma direct? Or ask you ex to give his mom your phone number and ask that your daughter call you.

I am not sure why a DCF case is a good Idea - Is the child in danger. Is it because your child is with his parents and not him?

Again I dont think I fully understand

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I think it sounds more like a documentation thing. Document this along with other things. Get a copy of the police report. If more things like this happen then go back to court and try to change the custody arrangement. If he's too selfish with his own time to spend it with his own daughter then he shouldn't have her.