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The therapist today told me I knew what I was getting into when I married a man with kids.

I looked at her and asked her if she thought soldiers weren't allowed to get PTSD because they "knew" they were going to be in combat.

She shut up.


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I agree with you. Glad you had a good comback. I wish I WOULD have known what I was getting into because I wouldn't have otherwise. Many of us do NOT know what we're getting into.

So she is WRONG there. LOL

Love your comeback! Awesome!

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Awesome comback...I have to remember that one....

We may have thought we knew what we were getting into, but until you are in the trenches, you have no idea the things we have to survive....

Seriously no one could have warned me enough about SD or BM and the crap they would pull. DH maintained they were amicable. I call BS....

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The best comeback EVER!!! I'm going to remember this one for the next time my in-laws (or my DH) utters those infamous words. Smile's picture

AWESOME!!!! Quick thinking too! Love the analogy and I HATE therapists like that!

I had NO idea what I was getting myself into!

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Love the comeback!

So glad my counsellor didn't say something stupid like that to me the other day. The mood I was in I would have came up swinging! (see current blog)

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How was *I* supposed to know how serious DH was when he said that his kids' mother was crazy? Isn't that what ALL guys say about their exes??

How was *I* supposed to know that she would go on a 13+ year plan to try to ruin my marriage and our lives? Don't people get over it? Especially when she had left him numerous times and cheated their entire relationship!

How was *I* supposed to know she would take so damn long to find her next victim and squeeze out another crotch critter? Poor dude. HIS ex is sane. He probably has a clue by now of what he got himself into!

How was *I* supposed to know- having a child of my own that I NEVER PASed against his dad who bailed when he was only 6 months old & fled to avoid child support until my son was almost TEN -that this BM's vindictive nature was so bad that she would jeopardize her own CHILDREN'S mental health by brainwashing them that their dad was a bad person and I was not to be trusted??

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I sure as heck didnt know what I was getting into. My ss14 was a cute,nonverbal toddler of age 1.

By the way, I did some EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) around some of my ss14's issues and I find that I dont even think about them anymore. It's like I actually have to put effort into trying to think about him and why I was so bothered. Great tool for our stepmom PTSD!

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I sure as hell didn't know what I was getting into. I was divorced with 3 bios and and ex and ex had a GF. Not one of us pulled anything near the BS that SO's crazy ass ex has pulled. Not me, my ex or his GF even have the capacity to reach the levels of crazy that SO's ex does. So no way in hell did I know what the F@#*& I was getting into!!!

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