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So trip overall was about what I expected. OSD was grumpy, complainy, food aversiony, hatey, and just unpleasant to be around. Never brushed her teeth although she did shower, but not often enough. I overheard her say to YSD that she used to like flying but not anymore and that it's too hard to get to Europe. Even better sweetie because it's never going to happen with us again. She couldn't name one thing she liked when asked.

YSD was pretty good, but exhausted on way home. She became very food picky when around OSD. She bathed only on day 1 and day 9. I refused to sit by her on the plane hone because her clothes smelled. She also had a meltdown on both flights due to seating for no reason DH or I could figure out (tired was our best guess). She said she had fun and would like to go again. That there was so much to see. This was surprising as she was soooo reticent around OSD. She is actually at our house now, she wanted to come back with us today instead of BMs.

DHsis said of OSD, "She's a piece of work... she's a spoilt little entitled cow..." among other things. She was going to turn and leave airport without saying a word to DH or I but DH stopped her and said something. Not sure what because I was done with her. He told me after that he does not think she has changed at all and he expects nothing from her. No more extras and no more trips from him. 

I think he won't hear from OSD nor will she be visiting.

Glad to be back. Both DH and I missed out on a few things due to SDs but we plan on going back again as soon as we can....


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Im sorry SDs made your vaca less than it should have been.

And what is with the no showers or brushing teeth. Gross, really. Hope that DH doesnt want to see the "cow" for a while.

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he will drop the rope with OSD after her atrocious behavior on this trip of a lifetime. But be prepared for the Guilty Daddy backslide

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Hubby stupidly suggesting we take all skids (sd23, ss 20 & sd14) for our 4th wedding anniversary getaway is just as bad as the recent post of a bm suggesting fiance allow her 7yr old daughter and mil to tag along for huneymoon.

this is intimate time to destress from skid crap... if skids wanna be arseholes then they do not get privilege of travelling or being treated to a holiday and i have put my foot firmly down. So anytime hubby suggests a holiday i ask him sarcastically if he is still ok in his head

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I said no to this trip. DH was dead set on it for 'family' reasons. Which ended up being takings SDs so he could win back OSD. Pretty much a bribe and I said that to him directly. Bribes don't work. 

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It amazes me that your DH isn't embarrassed or ashamed of how his daughters are turning out. Is he so disconnected from them that he really believes he has no part in raising them?

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I think he doesn't understand how to parent and what the difference in being a dad vs being a parent is. He is a good dad but weak parent.