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Day Nine . Five

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OSD had a miraculous recovery from her illness and was back to normal the afternoon we left. Amazing!

OSD hasn't spoken directly to us for a day now. Good. She's been making under her breath comments about 'the gay community' whenever anything about gay people, bi people or even straight people come up (just in convo as we have a lot of different friends and we find discrimination abhorrent). It's her only talking point and it's always an argument. It's driving us crazy but we are just ignoring her for the most part. It's funny because we're very left wing so we don't know what the hell she is doing! LOL. 

YSD hasn't bathed since the first night we arrived. DHsis pointed it out last night ... DH did nothing. She has been brushing her teeth though. She's been eating well the last several days too.

DHsis noted to DH that OSD never ever says please or thank you. She doesn't help clean up. Just expects everyone to do it for her. DH still hasn't told her when we are leaving today...

Today we head back to London, DH and I determined what we're going to do without input from SDs (good!). Going to British Museum which they won't like, but who cares!!!! Then to hotel early for early flight tomorrow. I plan on exploring the bar there. Ha!

Lord help me to remain silent with OSD.


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Silence is golden??

How did your DH handle his sis noticing and talking about the negative skid stuff?

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He takes it ok, just like he does from me. Nods along, sighs, but doesn't DO anything about it.

Which is why I told her early on that if I didn't get involved in it there was a reason. She understood.

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Did your SD get to do the ONE thing she was interested in? And what was it? C'mon, you can tell us now Smile

Maybe suggest to your SIL that she be blatantly explicit with your husband because he doesn't seem to gave got the message yet. 

Oh, another thought, point out to your DH that maybe it's time his daughters took a shower because it wouldn't be the first time someone got bumped off a plane because they stank to high heaven...

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She did...the Harry Potter platform and shop at King's Cross. We had to go through there anyway. AND there's a pub right above so it worked out.

Sis is very direct like me, see above prior response.

And DH just spoke with both of them about bathing tonight, we are at airport hotel for leaving tomorrow, AND convinced them to order dinner via room service (cheap here) and he and I can eat alone...and have a freaking drink! Or three!

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YSD hasn't bathed since the first night we arrived. DHsis pointed it out last night ... DH did nothing.

Ummmm how does YSD go without bathing for several days and your H does not tell her anything?? Does he not see this, notice it, smell it??? This is mind boggling and blows my mind.

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He has ALWAYS been like this, even when it is pointed out. He cannot directly tell them to do anything. Which is why I don't either unless it's a mortal issue like watching for traffic from the opposite direction.

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Dear lord the bartender poured me a glass that must be 1/4 a bottle. LMAO.