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Hi all, been a long time! All has not been well in the step hell house!
I simply cannot abide dealing with the attention seeking little madam that is my SD.
It was my birthday recently and guess who wanted all the attention for herself? That's right, daddy's little girl. So I was glared at for receiving gifts and hugs from her dad, she refused to sign birthday cards, join in with the family meal, mutters under her breath that she wishes I was dead (and thinks no-one can hear), cries that she is feeling ill to attempt to regain spotlight, sulks, doesn't speak to me, goes purple with rage when daddy gives me a kiss, etc etc. I absolutely cannot stand this kid who I have been nothing but consistently pleasant to. I have arranged her parties, sleepovers for the past 3 years, baked her cakes, bought her gifts etc and all I get from her is nothing but misery. I hate her coming to my home, I am just hanging on to my sanity. She lies, she manipulates, she is spiteful and horrible, I'm needing some support on how to deal with this brat. Advise please!!! X


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This is only a guess!

I'll bet he resembles those three little monkeys.

1. See no evil (skids do)
2. Hear no evil (skids say)
3. Speak no evil (that may upset skids)

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Thank you Smile

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stop, darlin'. just STOP.

quit doing, quit looking, quit feeling.

and be nice as can be to her, so thoughtful and considerate }:) that's how i got dh to quit letting kaos climb all up in his lap, i took a picture of dh cuddling wid his widdle 10 yr old bbbbaaaabbbyyyy. i was looking through photos a few weeks later "hey loooook hunnnnyyyyy howwww cuuuuuute!!!" dh hasnt allowed that shit since then }:) }:) }:)

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Hi guys, thanks for the pointers - skid is 10. My dear other half plays the 'i didn't see' game when his sprog is being awful. But lets be honest girls, these SD's are quite sly and sneaky, especially my SD. SHE behaves quite sweetly and denies all knowledge of her nastiness, for example blanking me when I try and speak to her comes down to 'sorry daddy, I didn't hear' when clearly she bloody well did! I absolutely cannot stand her and I'm just praying for the day when she doesn't come anymore. Her and her vile mother can just go whistle. The sad fact is, I feel second best to them, because I'm sure my OH treats them better than me. Its bloody soul destroying.