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Wedding Bliss Love Bubble

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With some new therapies that I am trying, I need to come up with good power words and visuals, to help with anxiety and all the other emotions.

As my previous post noted, TODAY is the big day. My power words are in my Blog Title.

Husband has texted SD17 and let her know he is picking her up at X time, what about her sister. She replied, yes sd24 FF wants to go too, and Im afraid of that. Wish he hadnt told me that part, but I am going to use my power words...Wedding Bliss Love Bubble.

He then texted SD24 FF and she is going with a cousin so doesnt need a ride.

I told husband before he left to get dog food, go drop off at dump and pick up sd17 PS CPS, that if anything is said to me or about me, that is nasty, coming from FF, he will need to stand by my side as my spouse. That we are a team and he will need to do something if I am attacked verbally. Of course I will have my camera ready, because sometimes I poke the bear...I did mention that I will do what I normally do and avoid her, and just not talk to her. Wedding Bliss Love Bubble.

We went to the pre-wedding also bday celebration of groom, and previewed the wedding space. Think Formal Garden Party Casual Minimalist. Its lovely, and looks much different than even when I was attending family gatherings. It has a new kind of energy thats evolved over time. When husband and I walked around, he took photos and mentioned that its beautiful...he was a bit in awe actually, because with the nightlights it was a bit fairy land Biggrin

Ill let you know how it goes.

Wedding Bliss Love Bubble to you all!


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Don't poke the bear. Stay away, remove yourself from the area. If you have to be in a car with them, keep it zipped, whatever happens. Keep your phone to record if needed.

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It was super large and crowded. Even the family photo that they decided to include me in, we didnt have any drama thankfully.

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There were a few unkind people. and my favorite person didnt show, so Im worried about her.

I just put myself into the bubble.

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I would not be part of that circus for a family that doesn't give a ......

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mostly nice people however (non family) so it went fine.