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Toxic Troll says "you can claim Munchkin this year..." and then...

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She texted "I want half of child tax credit and I know its $3,000"

Then...wait for it ..."thank you and cLove for helping Munchkin with her school, Ive just been SO busy with my ISSUES and with Feral Forger, I havent had much time"...

Yeah. Your not welcome.

I had a strange reaction to all this. The same thoughts go running through my mind like squirrels jacked up on too much caffiene and sugar. One thing is that all I ever wanted was displays of some type of positive appreciation. And here I am sort of mad that munchkin mentioned me at all. We had an understanding, that anything and everything would be twisted and used against me and dh somehow. 

And then a new emotion crept up on me from behind. The negative reaction based on an interpretation going something like: "thank you for being a parent because you arent typically much of a parent and if it werent for you not being a good parent I wouldnt be having issues with feral forger..." or another variant interpretation that goes something like "ok, so now she is encroaching on my space...and not only do I have to deal with cranky teen who pushes back when I ask her to get homework done the day before due, now I have to deal with Toxic Troll who will be trying to interject and will try to be mother of the year by gving dispays of trying to 'help' her cccchhhhhiiiilllllldddddd and eff things up."

The other thing was "Dh doesnt owe you AYTHING biotch, just because you gave birth you are not entitled to his money". I made sure to take out extra $$$ for taxes so we wouldnt owe and we could not HAVE to claim kiddo. Claiming munchkin will OF COURSE be advantageous, and give more on our return so it would be the SMART thing. But stubborn me wants nothing to do with claiming kiddo and creating the expectation that DH will OWE anything to the troll.

He has not responded to her text at all, and will certainly not agree to anything. We discussed that she will fill out the form this Wednesday, at pickup, and then decide what to do as we are still getting our documents together.

Oh yea, and she asked DH to ask me to do Feral Forgers taxes. Happy freaking Monday (this was all last night)


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NO! Don't do Feral Forger's taxes - have DH give her the number for H&R block.

Does Toxic Troll even earn any money? She likely wants DH to claim Munchkin because he WILL get a tax refund...because he pays taxes.

Go ahead and file and let the b*tch eat a bag of d*cks. LOL

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Because of her head injury and her court cases she has been getting money from the school system, claiming "gross negligence".

Thats why she gave us the "right to claim" last year. I had her sign the form releasing the claim right to us in case she went back on her "word". So, yes, you get why Im mad. Thats HIS money that HE paid in taxes. "I will appreciate my half". Eff her.

Shoot. Your right. HoweverI already texted Feral Forger that I would do them, and gave a list of required docs. She hasnt gotten them to me, and might just blow it off so Im off the hook.


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She's manipulating, that's why it feels awful. She's not sincere. You guys claiming Munchkin benefits her somehow. I wouldn't do it. 

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shes saying thank you to buff us out, so Ill do feral forgers taxes and so that dh will giver her "her half" of child tax credit of $3,000.

She knows she has to play nice.

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Just file- QUICKLY- so that you claim munchkin. Don't repsond about the child credit- if she throws a fit DH can ask her for 1/2 of the 2 stimlus checks and her child credit from last yer. 

I would not do FF's taxes either. Turbo tax should be able to take care of him with no issues. 

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Don't you dare do that beeyotch's taxes. IF she says she's going to send you paperwork, tell her you no longer have the time. CLove, do not awaken Evil Aniki and make her come over there!

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Im hoping that she will be true to form and just forget or just blow it off completely.

I agreed only to keep the peace with her. And it made Dh happy.

But you are spot on, I need to back waaaaaaay off.

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Not only did I do her taxes, I got her almost 2k back (wtf) due to she never got the stimulus money and then offered to do 2019 & 2018.  **BIG SIGH** She did thank me. Im just really good at this kind of thing (its fun for me...)

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As part of the child support modification order, the judge awarded her the rights to claim munchkin (HoH) so last year she "gave us" claiming rights, I had her sign a form releasing the rights to us before filing taxes. We needed it because we were going to owe and we only got back a few thousand. So NOW she has done her research and figured that "her half" is $1,500. Even though this is DH's money that he worked for and he pays child support, and custody is 50/50.

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1.  Don't do FF's taxes.  She probably won't get the docs to you at all but if she does, it will be April 14.  So sorry, unable to do it, I'm covered up with work.

2.  As aggravating as TT is and always will be, take this "thanks" for what it is: reluctant acknowledgement from an enemy.  She would love NOT to thank you, would much prefer to complain but the work and kindness you've shown have been so apparent, she can't ignore it.

Good job, Clove!

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Yah. No doing Feral Forgers taxes. It will be used against me somehow.

And April is when my busy season starts at work and when I plan on being more active and super busy.

I guess Ill have to take whatever good I can. I just know that it will also be used against me somehow. That I am "upsetting munchkin with my demands to do schoolwork" or something...

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Clove! Do NOT do FF taxes!!! NO NO NO! She will accuse you of f'n something, demand money, something! It's all around bad. Have her go somewhere to get them done!! 

Don't even get me started on tax returns. SO LETS BM claims skids. WHY?? Because he is stupid. He will probably have to owe. Do you think she offered a penny out of the stimulus money she got? NOPE! ALL FOR HERSELF. The one that doesn't put a penny into these kids. I'm ranting here haha.

Also, TT is being fake. Don't trust it. The first year after the blowout. (Xmas 2018) when BM got the annual pics I take of skids and give them to her too (from "skids" for Christmas) she sent me this pathetic text stating: "I know we have had our differences but this was the best present I received all year.. brought tears to me eye.. some other bs with emojis" 

I didn't respond. FAKE FAKE FAKE. I don't play that game. She never texted me again haha. 


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Feral Forger - thats what Im afraid of, although there isnt much she can accuse me of, if she decides on direct deposit. Its pretty simple with turbo tax, which I have always done for us. A few years ago (I think 3???) I did her taxes (for free) and she would have gotten 1400 back, but toxic Troll claimed her (she wasnt living with her then), and so she got 500 less. I told her this and she went to the troll and got that extra cash back. 

So I have a history of doing her taxes for her...

Toxic Troll is a super fake lie-telling pos. Cannot trust anything at all.

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Don't even touch FF taxes.  She'll probably submit fraudalent information than blame you.  Tell her to go to H&R Block.

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previously she was taking FF there, and thats where she goes as well. I dont know why the change.

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I wonder if they are going to do something shady with the IRS- not file multiple W2's or something and then try to come back and blame you since you did them. 

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I looked it up. Toxic Troll thinks DH is stupid, but shes smoking crack because upon looking it up, I see it is in fact $2k!

She can go kick rocks, or the new thing Ive been seeing "eat a bag of dk"

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Weird....why would she let your DH get the child tax credit this year? Is it in the custody agreement?

I am pretty sure she is allowing your DH to claim her on his taxes so she can get half of the credit instead of nothing since she probably owes or isnt entitled to get a tax credit if she is on welfare. 

What i would suggest is to make her fill out and sign the IRS Form 8332, then file it along with your taxes. When you receive the taxes, dont give her shit haha serves her right from trying to swindle the IRS

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And not paying taxes. And probably is getting advice that she wouldnt get anything back on the child tax credit (which I thought it was 1400-ish?) But Ill take it. Last year I had her sign the form and we claimed kiddo. It helped because we didnt take enough out of taxes and we were going to owe.

The custody agreement with the child support modification order sais that SHE is custodial parent and SHE gets claiming rights. But she hasnt been working and has been getting workmans comp $$ and not paying anything in taxes. So, yes she is anticipating getting money from dh who does pay taxes.

I ran the basic numbers and we add 2,000 to our $$$return money. Its dollar-fo-dollar. So If I can add over 800 to my return, I guess that we will give her something. I dont care, after thinking of it, Im good with having the money. At first I was grrrrr. But knowing how she is, if shes not going to get anything she wont sighn in subsequent years.

Now, Dh just has to break it to her that she has the numbers wrong.

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Thats definitely why she is asking u to claim the child. They only ask for stuff like that when they cant capitalise off of the child enough of course!

Its $1500 per child usually but this year, it will be higher due to some new tax changes resulting from recent election

I would hate to give any $$$ to any of the BMs as they get so much in child support and BM1 even kicked out SS18 on the day of his bday because "child support stops and she cant afford to buy food for him anymore" ....i find this hilarious and it shows me that she considers her kids as walking $$$$. SD19 left home at 17 to live with her bf....BM1 said that she cant prevent the kids from doing something once they hit 16yo, parenting is over (as if it ever existed)

Sad that some ppl view parenting/housing their children as a job with a pay check (child support) and when the child support stops, they basically quit the job lol

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Personally I wouldn't do TT any favors, she wants the tax credit she can get off her lazy entitled alleged disabled a$$ and earn it.

As for FF she can download the H&R block app just like any other responsible adult and work it from there.

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Your bm is a freakin dirtbag. If she made zero income and will not be filing, how will she know if your husband claims her? 

Perhaps the order should be modified to say, bm can claim as HOH with dependant rights IF SHE QUALIFIES. IF NOT DAD CAN FILE HOH WITH DEPENDANT RIGHTS.