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Taxes, Child Tax Credits and Pre-payments Opt out

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WELL that wasnt fun. It was actually a bit hard. Letting go has always been hard for me. And giving an extra dime to Toxic Troll BM kills me.

But there you are. For backstory, I file the family tax returns. I have the tools, as well as the experience. For the past two tax years, 2019 and 2020, we have claimed SD15 Backstabber/Munchkin. I had Toxic Troll sign the waiver both years, due to the child support modification order that gave her claiming rights. You know, the part where the visitation is 50/50 but listed as 51/49 for tax purposes.

2019 we were going to owe, so there was no real refund. We take more out so we are not "stuck" owing and that we get a little bit back. 2020 we again got the form signed and Covid-19 had hit with the stimulus money. THIS time, Toxic Troll had her hand out for "HER half of the child tax credit and child stimulus $$"

I filed as soon as possible. The IRS was REALLY backed up. I panicked when 2 months had gone by. Every week, or few days, Husband would get a text from Toxic Troll about "she must have done it wrong. I got MY refund (from 2018) within the first 2 weeks of filing. And it was MORE". 

I checked everything, bank account numbers, and daily status on IRS website. She was so freaking obnoxious and demeaning. Not to mentio,n because its not hugely relevant, but I had ALSO done Feral Forger SD22's tax returns and got her TWO stimulus checks as well as a little refund. Her wages were around $2,000 and I got her $1,800 back because stimulus. I did get a "thank you I really appreciate it". TT got some clothes bought. Good for her.

SO, during that whole experience, Husband and I agreed to never again to favors and never again claim kiddo no matter what. It wasnt worth the constant harassment and her pokes and prods and demeaning comments about me and my lack of skills.

NOW, along comes Biden, and more tax "improvements". Expanded tax credits and pre-payments. That start July 15. 

Husband and I agree to "opt out". I get to the opt out button. And all of a sudden hesitate. I go through the IDME process...sending my DL pics and even do a video of my face...Im like "are we SURE?" I do screen caps of the process in case Toxic Troll tries to come after us about it. 

Folks, get ready for these fun times, because it takes about a week to process...and now Toxic Troll gets almost $600/monthly for SD15 B/M, and doesnt work, so its basically free money.



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My DH opted us out today, but that's because we want the tax credit next tax season. Good luck, maybe TT is too stupid to know what's what.

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She has a "friend" there and was talking about taking a class and "working" there. So, either she will have someone help her get prepayments, will see something in the news/online, or claim her next year. You can still claim, its just a pre-payment.

Shes wiley enough to sniff out free money.

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About more free money for Toxic Troll.

I have to let that go...

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Opting out is the best move to do. Kicks the can down the road and BM can deal with it later if she chooses to. BM always gets to claim SD in our case but I really have been wondering about step families in regard to all of these stimulus payments. I know some people have gotten screwed and other people have made out like bandits. 

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So I cannot complain too hard. I have no bios and make a little more than Husband. We are not struggling right now.

The folks getting screwed have kids with stepkids and then the BM takes $$$ to her household and they make more money. Or they alternate years with 4 kiddos. So if 2019 wasnt "your year" to claim, then you didnt get anything for kids.

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My idiot SO lets BM claim skids on her taxes.. without putting a single penny into them. 2020 she got to claim two. She got all that extra money while my SO had to PAY this year.. LOLLL. He wouldn't have gotten this last round (the highest) anyways because of his salary and even if we were married we would still be over the cap. 

So we didn't NEED the money but, it annoys the F out of me that BM got thousands of extra dollars for kids she doesn't see/support in any way shape or form. 

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Is in a court order? Thats our sitch. In fact TT mentioned it "I get claim rights let you claim two years in a row"...

But we have 50/50.

Its pretty annoying. 

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Toxic Troll loves any reason to argue and demean and diminish.