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Thursday DH humor

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As we are getting ready to go to our respective jobs, Dh recieves a text from ToxicTroll BM. "Can you pick up Munchkin SD12 this morning? I am almost out of gas and might run out on the way there to drop her off."

We cackled like hens at that one. Talk about early morning funnies:

- ToxicTroll Bm hasnt been working for oh, about 2 months plus now.

- ToxicTroll KEEPS asking DH to pick kiddo up from her home on her days, and he ALWAYS has to reply NO. Like with a kid. She lives perhaps a quarter of a mile away at the most, and right next to a high school. So for him to pick up kiddo is harder because he has to fight the drop off traffic to go the other way, when its just so easy for BM to simply turn into her apartment complex.

HIs reply: "Why dont you get gas on the way here? Traffic is bad for me that way."

Her response: "OK"

His comment (priceless): "Shes going to have to take me to court to get me to do ANYTHING !"

Hes learning....

Happy Thursday Steptalkers.

******* Edited to include more humor!

And poor Munchkin was made to feel bad because mommy had to take all kinds of medicine just to get herself out the door to drive kiddo the quarter mile (ok maybe half) to gas station and then to our house. She doesnt like being there...

To which my response is "poor Munchkin got booted from her room like twice now, is in a toxic environment and will have to learn to deal with difficult situations at a young age..." oh boy..


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Ive been working up to this for oh about 4 years and 5 months now. No - you cannot use my truck, no, I will not hang that mirror that you wanted, no, I will not install, measure, fix...

LOL. "Shes gonna have to take me to court for that"....

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Co-parenting-what fun. He feels that he has to, because its "drop off" texting. I keep trying for that "no reply" response, but maybe in another 2-3 years?

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I understand I guess I just try not to "entertain" as much as possible but I definitely get it and its a great achievement for your H Smile

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on the way to work as she was driving from gas station.


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Oh wow...... ImI'so glad my DH has primary custody! BM is a meth monster and got her car repossessed, she thinks DH responsibility to drive an hour to her so she can give her son a hug!!!!! His reply, thats not my problem! Ha ha ha ha 

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Yeah, and ToxicTroll yelled at her kid because she had to take all kinds of medications just to get out of bed. She is on Xanax and a few other things. Then she apologizes and tells her "its because Im not working, Im so stressed!"

Of course if SHE yells for no reason, its all ok. If I, CLove sais the wrong thing or looks at anyone strangely, all heck breaks loose.

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Ummm's free.  Why does she feel the need to drive 1/4 to 1/2 a mile?  In the time it took her to write a text, moan about it, reply back, etc they could have just walked.  Good grief, anything to get attention and be lazy.