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Im in the nosebleed section and theres no concert!

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Munchkin SD12 has been having nosebleeds recently. And yesterday one happened and she called ME. Her mother, who is was home from work yesterday with a "headache", lives not even half a mile away, but Munchkin refused to call her and the current number is outdated and wrong. LOL.

Munchkin went back to class, but I called the nurse back and learned that I, Clove, is on the emergency card, and DH as well, however ToxicTroll is not. The school nurse tells me that if anything happens to Munchkin, then she would be released to me or DH, but NOT ToxicTroll. Is this true? I do not know. When I asked Munchkin to please update her mothers info, she texted me the ToxicTrolls new phone number, so when she texts me awful stuff again I know who it is right away. But Im not going to go forward with updating anything myself. 

After all, like I told the school nurse. Im JUST the stepmother. She laughed. We both laughed at the fact that Munchkin did not want to call her mother, but called the lowly stepmother and expected pickup. I guess these things are commonplace in the new world order.


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It's possible it's true. I know DH, MIL, and I are the only ones listed as able to pick the girls up if something happens. That all depends on how your DH fills it out, or possibly Munchkin if they had her fill out info.

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NOT my circus and not my monkies.

LOL. I would love to be a fly on the wall if ToxicTroll were EVER to try to pick up Munchkin from school and be refused. She is home now for the next 6 weeks, so it may come up.

(insert evil cackle here)

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I know with my SS, my DH, I and his Aunt are the only ones on the list to be able to pick up. No one else. That is also documented by the courts. If by some random strange chance his BM decided to find out where we are and go to the school they would call DH first, than probably me as he is hard to get a hold of.

The school has the CO on file. Yup if DH put you down you can get her.

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Of DH NOT listening to me. He keeps on insisting that Kiddo can OF COURSE be picked up by her MOTHER of all people. I just think that there are so many people who work the system for money that they legally have to have it on paper, and who cares who the parents are. My opnion. And the nurse even mentioned it, and you would think that the SCHOOL NURSE would know these things as part of their job, but no, DH always knows. Until he doesnt.

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Some people have veins that are closer to the surface in the nose.  

I also read that there is a parasitic worm that likes to camp out in the sinuses.  Maybe they have worms.  LOL  

Dry air can aggrivate them but my bet is on the booger picking.  LOL