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Online School Registration

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Well, I did it. With many misgivings. Registration is all online and I have the credentials set up, and get all the emails. And even set up Husband to get the same emails.

So after guiding Sd 16 B/M through the process via text and emailing all the credentials and set ups for both parents, do you think I got at least a "thank you, I appreciate your help"??????????

Check all that applies:

Yes _______

All Right __________

No way in he!! that would ever happen because you are not worthy of any appreciation at all, you are useful at times, but that is pretty much it. Period. Finito.  __________

Im such a dumba$$



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It is option 3 aka crickets.

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And option #3. Combined.

Should have added the option #4. "you do too much".

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You will never be acknowledged or thanked for any GOOD you do. In fact, be very careful that they use your good against you. It's happened to me. I put the story in your other post. 

All you can do is KNOW you did the right thing and take validation from that. But I'd really not do anything for any of that group anymore.

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at some point you're going to stop because you've reached the point when you know w/out a doubt that you are done 'helping' people who do not appreciateyou one bit. . 


I hope it happens soon.

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And the cycle continues... why? Are you trying to be a martyr? You would not have placed $1000 on the betting table betting that she would say thanks, right? Because you knew you'd lose your $1000... So why are you whining about it? I just don't get it. You knew so why did you do?

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Did your husband thank you? Time start shifting more focus on him. You know SD isn't learning manners from TT.. is she not learning them from DH either? If DH doesn't openly appreciate the things you've done/do for SD (even in front of her) then expecting SD to thank you for something is pretty pointless.

Stop helping your DH too. I'm sorry but it's 2022 he needs to learn how to register his kid for school. It's really not complicated or her mother can do it. For real. 

Stop making excuse for your DH.

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She has a father! 

How do you think everyone registers their kids for school? Not everybody has a stepmom or a stepmom willing to do these things.

My DD's SM is a sweet lady and my DD is nothing like your skids but SM never registered her for school. Why are you doing it? It's her parents' job not yours.

What are you trying to do and why. And no it's not because you are tech savvy and they aren't. Everybody registers their kids to school just fine. Amish register their kids in public school. I spoke not a lick of English and have never seen a computer before I moved to the US and I registered DD for school when I arrived. I had to walk there in absence of a car and I had to ask a neighbour where the school is at. "School?" Point finger which direction lol 

you do not need to register stepkids for school. There are other ways to care. I care deeply for SGD and her well being. I do not register her for school! She has a mom! 

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is my vote.

I know its hard but unappreciative toxic people will NEVER give you the thank you. They gotta keep Clove in that place where she feels like she is nothing, she is invisible.

So play that part to the hilt. Disengage, invisible people are just that, and they do nothing for others   ;)

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I think I'd understand if you did this to help your DH and I'd expect him to thank you as he should for any other helpful gestures. Since he doesn't seem to care, why keep doing it? He's not appreciative 

as about SD. She is rude and selfish just like her parents but school enrollment (by a parent)isn't really something that requires  any particular acknowledgement. I see it as a normal parental duty as kids have to atttnd school till age 18. It's a mundane task not really requiring any special acknowledgement. It's not unique or a special task. The fact that you chose to do instead of parents fulfilling an obligation is your choice. Did she ask you to do it? If yes, next time refer her to her parents. If not, then why do it? Is there a reason?

I don't believe in full disengagement like stopping cooking for a family or not ever buying them things. But those are the things anyone in the family can do. It's just a family thing. What you do and want to be thanked for is a parental or legal guardian's duty. It's not a normal family thing. You shouldn't do it unless you became her legal  guardian. All of these things you keep doing like grades, emailing teachers, checking school portals and enrolling kids to school is a parental duty. You shouldn't be doing it