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Oh what an awkward conversation (sort of OT)

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I walked in on a conversation Husband was having with his longtime childhood friend and from the get-go it was intense. He had it on speaker phone so I heard EVERYTHING. His childhood friend (call him jimmy) was explaining a car repair issue, and that it was actually a job for his wife. Husband is a mechanic and often does side jobs for extra cash. Jimmy was also explaining that this was his soon to be ex wife, we shall call her sherry, and that he jimmy had caught sherry deep into having an affair. He had caught sherry, texting and calling and actually meeting someone. But they had just started the divorce process. And then Jimmy detailed how much weight hes lost on his divorce diet, and they both commiserated because Husband had also gone through the cheating wife misery separation (because kids together = extra misery) and lost weight. "it looks good though heheheh."

So, jimmy gave husband sherrys info and sherry texted husband and eventually called. AND she was on speaker phone. It was awkward for me before. Now it just got super awkward because Husband mentioned that he knew of their "situation", and she bristled and stated that she figured he had been told and that she wasnt going to speak badly about him even though she figured he was speaking badly about her, and then husband was telling sherry that he had known jimmy for all of his life and grew up but he was going to keep his work separate from personal, blah blah blah. Im like "husband, just zip it! Johnny is trying to keep things nice while he negotiates this divorce process, and she doesnt need to hear how cozy you two are! That will not help things!" EGADS.

We started talking about our marriage and just, things. I told him "well if things dont work out, Ill just move into SD16 B/M's room. Theres a bed (I bought) in there already and shes 18 soon enough. We do not have to sell the house, if things dont work out!"

You see, we happen to live in a section of the country (USA) that is a world-wide tourist destination and wildly popular not only for its location (somewhere between here and there) but also its weather and all that entails. Its beauty is renowned. And home prices climbed into the 6 figure category. Our home has doubled in market value, and interest rates are up 2 points. Inventory has decreased significantly. Its 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 living rooms, and a enclosed garage man cave. Our mortgage payment with tax is 1/2 of what rentals are going for and 1/4 what an equivalent place to buy in our area. Its not sustainable, of course, but its what it is.

He looked at me a little sideways. I mean, why do I say that, what am I planning? LOL.