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Pup doesnt like skids

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So the 1st day the pup was here, she cried, didnt eat & missed her mama but by evening she was ok. She started eating day 2 and we are working on house training her as she peed on my bedroom carpet twice! She's very comfy now and she is at my feet ot on my lap as much as she can.

She runs to me and interacts with DH but wants nothing to do with any of the skids. Theyre nice to her but are they that unlikable even a pup doesnt like them. Lol. She really only wants to be around me or DH and she liked my MIL too. She barks & growls at the skids and that includes SD20 who is an adult so its not just kids she doesnt like. She backs off the kids if they gently try to reach for her. Maybe she senses the change in me when a skid appears.



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sense and can sense the true nature of someone’s behaviour

if they are playing nice but really want nothing to do with you they will run and avoid you when you come nearby.

cats are very much like this. Its almost like they can sift through the bullshit of someone.

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I think they really want to be her friend & play with her but she will shy away every time. DH says she will come around...he probably says the same about me. DH would never admit his kids are anything but perfect but even a playful pup avoids their company.

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It's true. Animals can sense evil.

My side of the family and my friends don't like skids. Even DD's friends think skids are weird. They just give off a bad vibe.

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They really did nothing to deserve her not liking them but she barks & growls at all 4 of them. She doesnt do that to people on the streets who greet her. Are they really evil? I talk a lot of shit but they are just regular obnoxious, entitled CODs. Nothing like some of the trouble makers I read about here.

The puppy gets excited when DH walks in but when she hears the skids get near she starts growling. How does she even know it's the skids getting close? Its possible she senses my distaste for them like at 530am this morning when I hear their door open and my stomach turns because that means 2 hour of skids before their bus comes. DH leaves at 5. I sat on my bathroom floor with the pup today to avoid all skid contact. I cant be in my room cuz we've already had 2 accidents with pee on the carpet so the master bathroom is the only uncarpeted place in the house I can hide.

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I have like a 5 (almost 6) month puppy.  She's friendly. loves everyone and everything.  But honeslty the kids get overwhelming, she's good most of the time, but I've watched her growl at them a few times when they get too in her face... It's possible that first time they pulled her out of your room, they were SUPER overbearing and she remembers that and doesn't want it to happen again.

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The skids have done everything right. They dont chase her. They give her space when she backs off. She just doesnt like them but I did some google research and posted a seperate blog about what i learned.

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Oh, I agree that animals know who/what to avoid. 

I was dating a guy and my cat, who was usually quite friendly, hid every time Guy came over. One evening, I was in the kitchenette, opening a bottle of wine, when I saw my cat skulking along the floor towards the couch. Cat jumped up on the back of the couch, slinked up to Guy,....


SMACKED him in the head and ran!!!

Cat knew what I eventually found out - that Guy was not a very nice person.