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It might be my fault

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I looked in to the puppy not liking the skids online.  It's google so it's not the bible but I feel some of what I read makes sense.

Dogs use their sense of smell to assess people. Our body gives off pheromones with different emotions that humans dont smell but the dogs do. When I heard the skids wake up at 530 my mood changed in a flash. I didnt change my outer behavior but my insides want to vomit. When the skid start rustling around and walking down the stairs the dog started barking & growling. SHe is sensing my anxiety rising so hers does since I am her bestie right now while her mama is away. I feel kind of bad that my distaste for them makes the pup on edge. Ill have to try to control my negative emotions but when i hear the door open when they get home from school it's a bad feeling.

They also have a different way of assessing strangers like those who stop to say hello on the street cuz SHE IS SOOO CUTE! I guess it is all based on smell and peoples emotions like if they are anxious, angry or just mean spirited people. Im going to be nice an guess that it's my reaction to skid presence is the problem and the skids arent actually emitting evil. Lets see what happens when BM shows up on Saturday lol


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my pets could SENSE EVIL, FERALNESS and NASTINESS as well as sheer HATE which was taught by the Girhippo 'n' Clan 24/7. 

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My skids & BM could never compare to the House Shitter & Girhippo. Didn't a skid shoot a bb at your cat. My skids are pretty harmless. 

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I completely believe this- I am so sorry that your inner feelings are so intense that your new dog senses it and wants to protect you.  Talk about added stress to an already stressful situation. 

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I think dogs are just naturally skittish around kids. I mean if they are poking in it's face and picking it up and petting it roughly the dog is going to hear them and go "oh crap are they coming for me again!"

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after seven years that the dog gives him a clue to how I am feeling. If I’m anxious and upset with DH present, even without me talking, the dog must be able to smell it and comes to me also all agitated and wiggly. Very intently focused on me. If I’m alone he does it but more snuggly. I can let out my anger without him getting involved but if I’m suppressing, mostly sad/upset emotions, the dog is all over me. 

Regarding advice’s comment, our dog may be unusual but he loves kids, the younger they are the gentler he becomes. 

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My dog is my world and when SS started coming over my dog was so happy (as at one point I was too). But overtime and my ill feeling about him now has changed my dogs feelings towards him, as well. I have a large breed and when all was good he would wrestle and play with my dog and my dog was a good boy and would play. Sometimes the little spawn would try to play with him while he was sleeping or at rest and my dog being very good and also obedient didn't do anything. Although I would correct the spawn and make sure he spits messing with the dog while he slept or rested! It's my way of saying stop fucking with the dog but in nice terms. Lol


But as time went on and my feelings of disengagement and don't care for him, my dog doesn't want nothing to do with him either, when spawn comes over my dog goes with my Bio daughter and stays with her. If he is out in commons ground he doesn't go near SS, if SS tries to play with him he literally walks away and sometimes the spawn is relentless and keeps trying to play and sometimes my dog will growl and then walk away. Although that is not not good, I scold the dog, but more over I tel spawn leave the dog alone he doesn't want to play and he is telling you (by growling) that he wants to be left ALONE! My DH asked me all the time why my dog acts like this and I respond "I don't know, dogs sense certain things and he was never like that with him before maybe he feels guarded when he's over, cause after he leaves he doesn't act that way... idk" He thinks nothing of it because we have a total of 3 dogs all together my DH dog prior to us getting together and we both share another dog and honestly all dogs don't want to deal with the SS. Even his own dog doesn't care to play with SS. But none of them are aggressive dogs, they are all trained and obedient. So the issue maybe be me and how I feel or maybe they just don't care for the kid, because there would be times I would be happy and SS is around and we all can be getting along and yet all the dogs want no part of him still. 

sometimes I just trust the judgement of the dogs because they sense more than what us humans sense.