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Im trying

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It's so hard living with people that I just CAN'T like. I've been getting along with my DH better and trying to be nicer and more accepting of the kids and all of their faults. I've been doing more for the kids to help out DH because he would do anything for me or my adult kids. Im trying to return the favor. I really can't like these kids.

Ive been suuuper irritable today. The kids cant fart in another room without it getting under my skin. They are so awful and unlikable. Ss13 is a spoiled smart mouth brat. He thinks he's awesome. He's not. I could give so many examples of their unlikable, below average traits but I think you all get it. Bio parents think their kid's shit don't stink but I can smell it a mile away, along with the rest of the world.


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Holster a big bottle of Febreeze and spray it in Fartblossom's direction. A LOT.

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I know the feeling! I can't stand his voice! He disgusts me daily.  And he knows just how to manipulate everyone. Everyone thinks he's soooooo fuckin wonderful...yea sure! I.have a list of his shitty side. I just stay in my room and write sing my songs do my art. Lately I haven't even cooked. But I fat lazy brat loves noodles. So fuck it eat ramen! I'm sorry if my cussing offends you. But well some people bring out the fuck you in me...especially my SS!

Hang in there my prayers are with you!

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Lol. Please don't apologize for the cussing. I drop f bombs left & right when speaking of the skids. The only person I can talk to is my mom about how much I hate these kids and even with her I hold back because it's  almost embarrassing how unkind my feelings are for these kids. This is a place to open up and let it all out.

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They're just so rude, ungrateful, and disrespectful. I can't understand why they are this way unless I really put myself out of my own mind. I'm full timing them and they're still this way. As they get older it gets worse and worse. Sigh.

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I know what you mean about how bio parents never find fault with their kids. Here's just a few tiny examples: Last night SD helped clean up after dinner (really her only "chore" here) and she left the sink nozzle on spray instead of setting it back so it comes out like a normal stream of water. Well DH went to turn the sink on and got sprayed with water and didn't even act upset. But the few times I've done it he gets all annoyed. She will put the milk back with just a drop left in it. Eat all of his glazed walnuts except for 2 and leave the bag there so DH goes to it thinking he can eat them. All this stuff would set one adult off if another adult did it but his precious 16 year old? Nope he just laughs it off. 

As for trying to be nicer - I have moments where I really try to engage with SD. Like last night over dinner. But then her lack of interest and intellegence on anything just gets on my nerves! She wanted to talk about the science projects her class mates presented that day but yet she couldnt describe ANY of them in any type of detail. (She tried to describe 6 or 7 of them). So basically the converstation was long, boring, and didnt describe anything except stupid little snippets. I got a little annoyed and said as nice as I could "Did you even pay attention to any of them?' Her response was "No no really. There were a lot of them and they were boring and went on for like 3-5 minutes." I was like "Good luck in college where you have to sit there and listen to a professor lecture for an hour or more". 

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Ginger, I do realize how these small things add up until they seem almost intolerable. However, my biological children, during their terrible teens, engaged in comparable annoyances; it's the nature of the beast.

The headaches from my SD were far more serious. She lied about me, deliberately destroyed my belongings, stole from me and did her best to dismantle my marriage. She would stand behind her father with her arms around his waist and make faces at me which, although it sounds humorous, would send my blood pressure into the stratosphere. 

Your DH likely believes that you are being too hard on his daughter and, from an objective standpoint, I tend to agree with him. She’s a teenager! They are difficult! Please, Hon, try to be more tolerant of your SD as your DH will be appreciative and your home life will be far more tranquil.

 Additionally, the girl is 16 and will be off to college before you know it. If you make an extra effort to get along, it will pave the way for an improved future. Compared to poor Chmmy, your lot is rose garden!


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Well actually at least I listened to her. DH tuned the entire conversation out. And to be clear - I vent on here. I don't say anything negative to DH and I never take my frustratation out on her. The only time I go at it with DH is when he doesnt support and/or back me up. Mainly becuase in 7 years I have asked for very little in regards to his daughter.

As for her going off to college - I'm not holdng my breath on that. And if anything I am worried my worst fears may come true - that all her other friends will launch and go on to having college lives and she will want to hang with daddy even more then she does now becuase all her friends will be gone or just too busy. (Hence my pushing for her to get extra curricular activites, find some interests etc.). As it is she is losing friends each year and not making any new ones. Most have switched to a public high school and have huge social circles now. 

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I am with you and it is so hard. My 2 step kids 17 and 12 like to play fight and poke at each other in the car where they scream and sqeal like toddlers.....I  feel like rolling down the car windor and throwing myself onto the road. HAHA I can't stand the sound of them screaming and yelling......

They, too, are just not likealbe I have tried. The ONLY time they act half way decent and tolerable is when they are mad at BM...then are pleasant friendly angels....if BM has been on her good behavior then they act like little a-holes