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I found another skid

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Im a nanny for an 11 year old boy. Yesterday his mom asked me to pick up him and his friend G at Gs house to bring them over to play at "our" house. Ok. I pull in the driveway and they come out and G picks up a big stick waving it around acting crazy. Oh great! This is the kid Im bring back to the house. I then see him arguing with a woman I assume is his mother but found out it was his nanny. G takes the big stick, he's swinging it around and lets go (accident or not?),  it hits my car. Hard. From the look on his face, he is sorry. Nanny comes to window and apologizes and said I dont think he knows what he is doing...whatever that means. Then she says G cant come with us he has to go to his dad's....ooohhhhh the boy is a skid(or at least a COD). I understand, no worries about his behavior, he's entitled.

So this seems to be my "kid's" new bff. My concern is not for now as Im only there a couple hours after school for homework and driving to  activities but the summer I am there full time. Is this kid going to be hanging out with us? Can I never get away from skids?

Ill be honest with ya the kids I watch have skid like tendencies also. They come from an intact family with working parent guilt and quite a bit of money. If I didnt make close to $30/hr cash Id be outta there but it gets me out of the house daily during prime skid hours and I walk out Friday with an envelope of cash which almost all of it goes to my just on case I want a divorce fund.


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If so, I hope you got pics and will be pursuing these people to pay for repairs. I would tell your employers about this incident as well. 

Yeah I don’t know what it is with nanny-raised children. They seem to be little hellions fairly often. Maybe it’s the one on one hothouse environment. I think daycares encourage better socialization. 

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Daycare kids are awful too. I worked at a public elementary school preK-2nd grade. You could tell when walking down the hall which kids were the before/after school daycare kids. They were kicking walls, poking, pushing, making noises. Kids this little arent meant to be in school 10 hrs a day.

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wheb this other kid comes over, will his nanny be there too or would you be watching both kids at once? You might want to consider talking with your employer about doubling your work for several hours a week with no extra compensation.

When my friends and I go in on a nanny together for 2 or more kids, the nanny always gets more compensation. 

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Sadly kids raised in a day care/nanny position know that they ultimately have zero authority over them.  I remember being with a babysitter being told my mom would hear about how horrible I was and knowing my mom would believe me.  Lol that was back in the day when parents could still actually discipline their kids and I got my butt spanked for being a bratt who didn’t behave.  

Now a days the parents don’t parent, don’t even know how do it’s not surprising.