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The skids have been out of school for 4 weeks. BM took them for the weekend so that makes it 4 days in June she had time to take the kids or couldnt come up with an excuse. 4 days of 30 and she pays $50/wk for 4 kids(one in college)

Funny how rain(weather) is an excuse to not pick up the kids but we had quite a monsoon today and she managed to not only get the skkds home but git them home early. Funny isnt it?


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Is it vacation time?

Can you take your kids out of school for 4 weeks without the school or social service following up?

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Yes. It is summer break. What I meant is the 30 days in June while they are out of school on summer break, BM has taken them for 4 days. She just expects us to take care of everything all summer.

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No tog. I thought you would realize by now DH is an idiot. We asked for extra money in the summer for child care. She obliged for one week and then told us that her husband was out of work and she wasnt sure if she could anymore. I told DH then the kids can stay with her and her husband can watch them while she works. He said that's not gonna happen but I dont know why it is any different than sticking the little shits on me? Because I have a vagina im a built in sitter? I spent probably 15 nights away from home in June. The skids are gone for 4 nights over the holiday weekend. If they dont go, I go. DH works on Friday and Im off. I will walk out the door amd he knows it but yet he cant stand up to BM