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SS12 Arrives Today

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SS12 arrives today for his first visit of summer break. He will be here for a week, then return to BM for a week, then return here for 3 weeks. DH is completing the 8 hour roundtrip drive as we speak to pick him up. 

All has been mostly quiet on the BM front. She did rush SS to the doctor over a bug bite two weeks ago, concerned he had Lymes Disease (again hypochondriac). Nope, it was nothing more than a mosquito bite. Otherwise, just a few school updates here and there. I'm grateful that nothing earth shattering occurred between scheduling our visit and now. 

Here's hoping that SS has a good visit and PAS or other bullshit doesn't interfere. 


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After 12 years of motherhood, HelicoptorMom BM doesn't know what misquito bites looks like? WOW!

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She was probably hoping it would be something that would interfere with summer visits and require special visits in her town for doctors.... These BM's....

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SS arrived with a bag that had a spare pair of shoes in it. GF included a note in the bag that said "Your Mommies love you!" It's clearly in GF's handwriting. SS is 12 and GF isn't his Mom... *eyeroll* Clearly GF is feeling insecure and trying to assert her "position" above DH. 

Otherwise, SS has had a great day so far. Immediately ran in and gave us all huge hugs. Seems like he melted back into our household, even after 4 months apart. 

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Kids are smart.  They know where the quality in their lives truly resides.  I am sorry that the StepMom is playing the games her idiot DW plays.  

THis kid is fortunate to have you and thier dad.  Winning half of the parent lottery and the SM lottery with that quality parent is a huge advantage for the potential outcomes for your SS.

Enjoy your summer.

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I can't believe he is already 12! At least he doesn't come with perfume sprayed stuffed animals anymore. I hope you have a great week!

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Me either! The perfume covered stuffed animal phase was gross and lasted way too long (well should have never happened in the first place).

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UPDATE: So we asked SS if BM/GF and SS had any travel plans for summer (since they were supposed to be going to the UK per BM). SS said maybe Florida with BM (we are taking him to Florida in 2 weeks) and maybe camping and maybe the UK (only if GF's work will pay for all 3 of them in full... yeah right). 

Last night, BM emails DH basically saying between us having "the first half of summer" and football, it's only allowing them 1 week of summer for a family vacation or to see BM's family. So BM gave DH an extra day and said they will be visiting BM's family for a week directly after pick-up. DH and I laughed because BM and GF have SS for a whole 8 days after next week and then they have all of July and August and football doesn't start until the end of July, so they could travel at any point that month if they wanted to or pull him out of football like they do anyway. I told DH, the reality is likely that BM and GF can't afford it, but they don't want to tell SS that so instead they'll blame our visitation and football, so there is "no time" left for vacation. DH only responded "Thanks for the update." to BM's email. He isn't engaging with her made-up tales of woe. BM has 46 weeks per year with SS, yet she's still mad that it's not enough. 

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Well played by the good side of all of this.  I think that SS needs a prep so he is not disappointed.  Put the whole summer on a calendar with one color of line for the continous days he is with you and another color for the continuous summer days he will be with his other two moms.

"Look at all of this time you have with them SKid!  I hope you have so much fun traveing!"


The kid needs the facts.  Because you know they will try to blame it on anyone/anything else bu them.