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The Bratty Brunch Report

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I survived!  And it actually went well.

Bratty and Nutter were already waiting for us when we arrived at the cafe.  After some hellos, we sat down.  There was some chit chat before ordering, which I participated in a bit but mostly dug my nose in the menu.  After ordering a vegan wrap, salad and a coffee (and Bratty and Nutter paid for their own food!) there was more chit chat.

I liked Nutter.  She is definitely a Chatty Cathy and my introverted self would get annoyed with too much of her, but she was articulate and pleasant.  She's worked for the same large tech company for 5 years and likes it.  She likes to travel and to bake.  She loves her dog, a 10 year old greyhound.  She comes from a fairly big family and they seem close.  

Bratty said she's doing well in her classes except for Physics (her nemesis LOL).  They both like where they are living and get along with their housemates.

SO's brother has a house in a small town in Provence France and they are planning to go there next summer.  SO and I stayed there 4 years ago so they peppered us with questions.  SO told them they would need a rental car and to specify automatic transmission when renting (neither can drive stick).  I thought they would have a hard time finding vegan food but wisely kept that to myself.

They asked me some questions where I gave a polite but brief answer.  And no asking for Disneyland tickets, thank goodness.

SO was very happy I went.  I am happy its over and went well.  Now I get my reward dinner....oysters on the half shell, here I come!


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I'm so glad it went well.  You did the right thing to go.  It sounds like Nutter is a good person for Bratty.  A win/win for everybody today.

You and I know Bratty's personality issues will always be there messing things up, like my SD.  But, hey, one day at a time and we are thankful for the pleasant moments.  Life is good!

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Nutter definitely seems good for Bratty.  And it was nice to see Bratty talking about somewhat normal things for a young person, like travel plans.  And she is definitely less needy with SO, so definitely a win-win.  You are right, I am enjoying that things seem good at least for now!

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Yes I'm happy I went.  My pre-brunch anxiety was there but it's over now!  

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You survived - yay! Sounds like it wasn't too painful. Maybe Bratty is starting to grow up? 

Enjoy your well-earned seafood!

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I sure hope so.  But every time I start to hope I feel like the old narc Bratty rears her ugly head. 

But all sign are pointing to her life heading in a good direction - so I just have to be patient.  And patience is not what I'm known for but I can use this as a way to practice it.

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Stay disengaged but pay attention and wait without expectation.  That's really freakin' hard.  LOL.

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We've all had to cultivate qualities we didn't have, like patience, forbearance, humility, forgiveness, ....on and on.  We are all still struggling.  Lol.

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We are all a work in progress, at any age.  I do *try* and think of challenges as 'tests' for qualities I would like to develop more.  But, sometimes I also have to acknowledge that no one is perfect!

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Glad it went well!! Maybe Nutter is making Bratty more mature..? Whatever it is hopefully it all works out! This is a win! 

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It's encouraging to read your post. I'm at the point, I think I'm ready for a bit of contact but on MY terms. DH's youngest daughter is a hot mess like Bratty. She has met someone (she's with a same sex partner also). The girl seems good for DH's daughter. As I'm someone who wishes no ill will to others, regardless of what they've done to me, I'm happy she has found someone. She realy needs to be taken care of...she cannot function in real life independently. So, maybe there is hope for people like her and Bratty...and we can stay outsiders looking in, if that makes sense. 

Here's to those oysters on the half shell! A much beloved meal here in Cajun country!

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Those oysters were absolutely delicious tonight!  And, an amazing order of seared tuna for dinner.  Yum!

It's great if you're inspired to genntly re-connect with your youngest SD;. just be in a good headspace for it (and you've done alot of work on yourself - I think you are).  My other advice is keep it light and make sure your DH knows it doesn't mean you are BFF's.  You're just testing the water - don't let him put the big expectations on you and don't put them on yourself either.  Just go (briefly) and see what develops.

And, make sure DH does something special for you to appreciate you and the efforts you made for him.  Like some nice oysters on the half shell Smile

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Bratty is better with the nutty GF who isnt all that nutty. Win Win for you Canine.

I understand your pre vegan brunch anxiety. The history with Bratty is not good. There is hope though if brattymcbrat matures .


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And maybe two nutty people cancel out the nuttiness?  Who knows but there is some hope!

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You always crack me up. *ROFL*

Or maybe we are getting desensitized to the nuttiness so it seems normal. Gawd I hope not LOL

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"SO's brother has a house in a small town in Provence"

Oh my. My vegetarian friends consider Provence to be absolute paradise for food, the variety, the quality and the freshness of it all! BUT they love fruit and veg and Bratty doesn't. You're right, she'll be hard pressed to find junk vegan food. The places she's most likely to find what she considers "real" vegan food is in any shop that sells only organic (bio in French) and even then, it'll most likely be limited to tofu, seitan, that kind of thing. I bet she hates it here Smile

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She doesn't drink wine or coffee either.  So yep I bet she comes back complaining!

Enjoy.  We loved the whole lifestyle there.

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Trust me, I love it here. Smile That's why I've been here for 40 years, between the Alps, Marseille and the Luberon. 

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Sorry I missed where you said that is where you live - lucky you!  Very jealous!

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I just wonder if Bratty's uncle knows about her using his house this summer. 

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He knows, she asked them first Smile

Also they will likely be there when she and Nutter are planning their trip.