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All's Quiet on the Bratty Front

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Hi everyone.  Thought I would post a quick update since I haven't posted in awhile (we've been travelling and generally staying busy through the summer).

All's quiet on the Bratty front ever since our last encounter at our reception a couple of months ago.  As far as I know, she is still not working (even through she told DH she would go back to work in the 'fall' as a medical assistant) and probably still free-loading off of Nutter, DH, and anyone else who will offer.  I think she is still volunteer 'farming' but not sure, nor do I really care.  At the last family zoom call, someone was about to ask her what she was doing since she completed her post-bacc but she very obviously changed the subject, meaning she didn't want to talk about it.  Which also means nothing positive was happening since she loves to brag about every little thing when given a chance.  

I posted before about a work perk I had that involved free Disneyland passes.  I early retired in January but I still have a few passes left to use.  We have reservations tomorrow (just DH and I) and since Bratty has tried to freeload tickets a couple of times off of me (even after I disengaged a couple of years ago) I will post on social media and tag DH to be sure she'll see it.  I bet her whole face will turn beet red with anger since I didn't 'share' my tickets with her and Nutter last year when they were in the area for a wedding.  

She who laughs last, laughs hardest.  And I'll be laughin' pretty hard when I make that post tomorrow, complete with all kinds of pictures of the fun we're having.  LOL.


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Be sure to get a picture with the mermaid and caption it just right.    (I have the right SD right? ).  

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Yep you have the right SK and I should definitely do that LOL.

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Enjoy your passes! All that college to become a medical assistant? looking at the salaries... they don't seem very high given how long she's been in school

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Waste of $ in my opinion.  But then she brags about her work as an entry level medical assistant as if she's saving lives daily.  Reality:. She did paperwork and taking patient histories, prepping the room and taking basic vitals.  Her salary for full time work was $35k or so, which doesn't go far in the Bay Area.  But of course, it is valuable experience towards her future doctor dreams LOL.

Not sure if she's even looking for any work right now since her meal ticket Nutter GF has a very good job at a large tech company.

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Hmmm looking further... she could have gotten that job with an associate degree. As far as her dreams of being a doctor - doubtful that will ever happen if she hasn't been accepted into medical school here in the US yet. Would she be able to study offshore somewhere? I've heard the standards are lower if you apply to schools in the Caribbean. 

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Halloween decorations are out at DL now.  Damn Brattys gonna be upset - Halloween is her favorite holiday.  Definitely taking pictures of all the wonderful decorations to enrage her even more.  

Kinda sad that this makes me giggle.  Ha.

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Im going to take a bunch of pictures and tag husband. Sd16 B/M gets to see what she will miss.

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Love it!  Definitely do it!

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Great karma for that hateful girl!

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Back in the day, I worked one day a week as bookkeeper for an internist.  There were 3 other employees: 1 receptionist and 2 medical assistants.  I had zero medical training.  One medical assistant had to be gone unexpectedly for a week so, presto chango, I put on a white uniform and was trained to do it.  For a week, I took pulses, took blood pressures, weighed people, did EKGs, and took temperatures.

Nowadays, I'm sure the job is more intensive and requires more training.  I will say that that week was the hardest I have ever worked in my life, on my feet the whole time.



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Bratty complained about the 'long hours' (8 hrs a day, LOL).  Which is probably why she's holding out as long as possible before going back to work!

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You can post live on Facebook.  Going on the rides she likes.