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The strawberry is here!

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And she's a little strawberry-banana! That is, she's jaundiced, but she's on the mend now. She had in-home photo therapy all last week and she's finally thriving, but it was a little scary for a while because she lost a whole pound and she was severely dehydrated while we were waiting for my milk to come in. She's gaining weight again and the doctors and nurses took excellent care of her, so all's well now. Anyway, I think I've sat down to update you guys about 13 times since she was born, but I've been interrupted each and every time by someone who needed something, so I'm sorry for the long wait!!

Our gorgeous little bundle of joy was born on 7/21/07 at 12:19pm. Ironically my water broke not an hour and a half after posting on sweetthing's blog how jealous I was that she'd had her son because my daughter was late. After 12 hours of labor overnight and pitocin to help the contractions along because they weren't progressing on their own, I was so exhausted I was blacking out between contractions and I could barely push her out. But out she came and I actually got to pull her out of me and place her on my chest myself - it was so beautiful I was sobbing. She was 7 lbs 13 oz and 21 inches long - funny, her big sister was 8 lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long, so this one is tall and skinny!

Big sister is adjusting extremely well to sharing Mommy and Daddy with her baby sister. She's just fascinated with her. SD got to come for 4 whole days when she met her newest baby sister for the first time, so we were super pleased about that. (The only reason we got her for so long, however, is because BM denied our visitation at the last second on our last weekend with SD, which happened to be her 12th birthday. It was so sad and horrible, I don't even want to get into it.) So, I'm focusing on the positive - until now, the longest we ever had SD was 48 hours, so we really truly enjoyed this time with her and our growing family.

More later!


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So happy for you! Glad things worked out well. Congrats on adding to your family!!!

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hoor ray Caitlyn!!! I am sure I am not the only one logging in to hear your great news finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what a blessing you were able to deliver the strawberry "on your own" I was lucky enough to do that with my daughter, it is the most amazing experience a mom can have!!!!! and will never be forgotten!
Happy dance
happy dance

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I'm so happy for you Caitlin! My son is the love of my life, and I can't imagine not being a mother. Congratulations again:)


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I'm glad you're all doing well. We've been missing you lately! Congratulations on your new addition!

~ Anne ~

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Congrats on your new bundle of joy. Hope you are getting some rest. Glad to see you back

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Caitlin, that is wonderful!

Wink StepMom

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Lovers do not finally meet somewhere, they were with each other all along.

Get some rest for yourself lady. Btw, what did that little bundle of joy get named?

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We're calling her Alex for short. SD named her. She's always liked the name Alex and before we even knew if it was a boy or a girl she came up with it since it works for both genders. BF and I thought it was perfect because we met through our mutual friend Alex, who was thrilled with his little namesake. And we like that we could include SD in such an important and meaningful way.

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Lovers do not finally meet somewhere, they were with each other all along.

and what a beautiful meaning you and dh now have behind naming her that..ok 2 beautiful meanings(sd and alex who introduced you to each other) Congrats agian lady!!!!

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How did I miss this??? CONGRATS!!!!!! Oh, and I am still holding you to our raincheck when the strawberry is a bit bigger Smile


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SSSSOOOOO happy for you all. I was getting worried. Then I wasn't on for a couple of weeks.

I'm so happy she is doing better now. Wow, jumping up and down for you.

Now I'm gonna catch up with sweetthings.

Congrats my favorite brat, love ya, Jo

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Looove babies, they smell so good don't they??..Big Hugs!!

Catch xx
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