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I need to just block all young 20's from my facebook

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more fb drama with the 20 somethings. it's so fucking ridiculous. my bitch cousin J got a new wedding ring. (I also don't understand all these newlyweds getting new rings within the first 2 years). she took a picture of it and was tacky enough to tell everyone what it cost. my cousin K's bf said something about being able to find something that looks exactly the same, but isn't real, for $150 online. I didn't think he was being rude. well J got all pissed off and bitched about how her ring is real, he's just jealous because they are doing so well, her sister posted about people being jealous and being "haters", it was just ridiculous. and this shit happens with J constantly. first of all, while she likes to say that they are doing so well, they live in a subsidized apt in the worst complex in our area (a lot of drug activity) and I'm not sure, but I think they get food stamps. K and bf just bought a really cute little house. so, it's not a matter of jealousy. I would think the few grand she says this ring cost would have been better put towards a house or something like that, but whatever. the whole thing was fucking stupid. and I know I did not act like that even when I was in my 20's! I don't feel the need to flaunt every new thing we buy and announce the price. I think that is very tacky. it's scary to me that these fools are the future of society.


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I have never heard of such a thing...I lost my first wedding ring and had to have it replaced and even made sure it was identical to the first one. Thankfully insured, but devastated since DH picked it out. THis is crazy. I do want an anniversary band to add to it for our 5th in a few months. And honestly, deserve it given how much BM and SD tried to wreck my marriage.

THis is a waste of money. Did they at least trade in the old one? And why aren't young people trying to buy real estate?

Also, I don't understand teenagers posting on twitter and facebook that they are skipping school. Really!

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I don't understand most of what any of them do. I don't know what she did with her first wedding ring, but I do know they've only been married 2 years. sd21 had a freaking vow renewal ring picked out and posted a pic of it after a whopping 7 months of marriage, and she commented on my cousin's ring that she wants one like that, too. I thought the first wedding ring had sentimental value, to me it would. but these younger girls are too happy to get a new one if it's bigger and shinier and more expensive. ridiculous.

what really got me though, was the fact that she blew up over someone saying you could something that looked exactly the same but is artificial for a lot less. she took that to mean he was insulting her and saying her ring isn't real. I highly doubt he actually gives 2 shits if her ring is real or not. she lives for drama. I avoid her as much as I can.

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I dont know.. I think it's kind of rude to say "oh that is nice but I can get the exact same thing for $150 and it's a fake." Just because it's the second ring doesn't make it okay for someone to comment something like that. The polite thing would have been to say something nice or nothing at all.

I would be pretty pissed if I posted a pic of some new jewerly I got and someone said "I've seen that online but it's a fake and it was only $150!" That is a comment that isn't needed or warranted.

Not sure why people are some judgemental of others living their lives. Yeah it seems a little stupid to buy a second wedding ring. But hey maybe they didn't like the one they had before and now they have some extra money and can afford a bigger diamond, if that means something to them. Who are we to judge? I know my diamond is small and I would love to have a bigger one and if we ever have extra money I would def. like to upgrade my diamond.

Of course the smart thing to do would be to invest the money in something that would make a difference down the road- savings, a house, etc. but not all people in their 20s think like that. Especially young 20s.