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Really? A crop top? For a 6 yr old?!!!!

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So maybe I am old-fashioned, but I have been reading about all SM's on this site who are dealing with teen SD's wearing booty shorts, mini-skirts, bikinis & all around too tight, too skimpy clothes. How do they end up thinking that dressing this way is OK? At some point, someone has to buy that crap for them. In my case, it is my MIL.

Last year, MIL bought SD, then 5, a string bikini. I was not even aware that they made string bikinis in extra small girls sizes. Last night, she comes home from MIL's in a crop top. Sorry, but I think that is just trashy. SD already thinks she is 6 going on 16. She does not need any encouragement. She needs to be told that her body is not the most important thing about her. She already asks questions like "Am I cute?" How about health, athleticism, intelligence, manners, integrity? In the long run, those are the things that matter!

I said something to DH & he was like "Eh, I don't like it but what are you gonna do?" Um, how about tell your mother that crop tops & string bikinis are inappropriate attire for a kindergartener!!! But god forbid we criticize MIL. Nope, just wait until SD is a crazy, over-sexualized, out of control teenager & tell the SM that she is overreacting just like you all always do. ARRGH! LET IT GO!!!!!


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Our BM has been living vicariously through SD forever. I can't even begin to count how many dress code notices we have gotten over the years. Yeah, even from her ELEMENTARY school. And BM also encourages "boyfriend" talk and told her how to touch boys. Wanna know how embarrassing that was to go get my SUSPENDED 5th grader for repeated "touching" issues. Wtf is wrong with these people. These are LITTLE girls, not your sorority sisters.

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Oh we live that! SD5'a grandparents just love to buy inappropriate clothes.
Booty shorts and an open back short top was the last escapade...and shows up at my bio's baseball game then complained that she was cold!
I just laugh at this point because 'what's the harm' is engraved in my memory to come back out at that 'daddy I'm pregnant' time.

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Completely inappropriate. You say DH says he doesn't like it. "What are you gonna do?"
He is the parent. When SD is in his household, he is in charge. He can get rid of inappropriate clothes. He can also put on his big boy pants and tell his mother, "I appreciate that you want to do something nice for SD when you buy her clothes. However the things you buy are not appropriate for a six year old, and I would appreciate it if you would buy more modest clothes. Otherwise we will get rid of it, and you will be wasting your money."

My SO is even bigger on modesty than I am. We have a tankini for SD7, and he won't let her out of the house without board shorts, and preferably a swim shirt. We both want her to act like a child (within reason) as long as she can. Because, and I'm going to brag here, I reckon she's going to be a knockout when she's older Blum 3