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OT - Women Wednesday

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Happy Hump Day! At the halfway point of the day, we'll be on the downhill slide into the weekend. Woo hoo!!

Who else suffers from dry skin on their face? Aside from the oily T-zone, that is!

I have sensitive skin and have wasted waaaaaaay too much money on products that fail to work for me. The latest? Witch hazel. Yes, that's right. Witch hazel. A mild, natural, alcohol-free astringent is drying out my skin and making it flakier. WTH?!

So. What's the best way to gently slough off the skin flakes without making my sensitive skin more irritated??


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I still have no solution... But my forehead and nose decided to start peeling... So that's been fun... Now I have a bruised up hand AND my face looks like it's trying to fall off... LMAO

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I was admiring my new bruises last night - left ankle, left calf, right thigh. I really should change my nmiddle name to Clumsy!!

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I might have to change mine before you. LOL. I always have bruises, and the one on my hand is a busted blood vessle and goes across all my knuckles and midway down my hand... 

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I have really big issues with dry skin. It was getting so bad that I actually stopped washing my face, I do not wear makeup, only special occasions, nice work functions, or date nights. I can tell you my skin is not perfect but it is way better since I just stopped washing it. I do not have the dry issues nearly as bad. When my skin starts to flake a ton I use this.

I use a daily moisturizer...

It took some time for my skin at first to get use to not being washed and everything else. I think i broke out at first but it went away. I truly believe that when we do too much to our skin it can make it worse. Especially for sensitive skin. Best of luck.

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Ash, I rarely wear makeup, but when I do, I use lotion and a cotton makeup pad to gently remove it because my skin is so darn senstive. I cannot even use Basis soap - it dries out my skin, too!!

I do moisturize (Oil of Olay) every day. WTH did I listen to that lady about witch hazel being mild? Sigh...

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I feel your pain, I do have really dry sensitive skin all over. I tried going back to regular tide, dumb me, I got a huge rash on my inner thigh where the clothes rub on me. Went back to sensitive. Stopping washing my face and just letting the shower rinse off the dirt really helped me. Yeah I still get the occasional pimple here and there. I much rather that than the really bad dry skin I was constantly getting. I just use the scrub like once ever few weeks when it gets bad.

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Last year I started using Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.  It's a no rinse face wash and make up remover.  I only wear glitter eyeshadow and mascara so not foundation or blush to remove.  Makes my face feel like it is suffocating.  I have sensitive skin.  

I have started to use loreal skin brightening in winter and a gel moisterizer in the summer.

So far my skin is looking pretty good and even got rid of the dry spots. 

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is also great!! Just started using it, my product junkie friend raves about it.

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Classy, foundation makes my face feel like it's suffocating, too! That, and I feel like a clown who slapped on a layer of paint. Blech!

What do you do to remove the current flakes? Tweezers? Soft toothbrush? 2000 grain sandpaper? The Easter Bunny??

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OMG can't believe I'm going to fess up to this... but I watch Vanderpump Rules after work to stop my brain from going into overload.  One of the Tom's shaves his face to exfoliate sooooo.... yes I now will shave my face once a week and then super hydrate.  I have to say my skin has never looked better minus the crows feet of course.  It gets rid of all the flakes and dry patches.

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LOL Yes.  I use Nivea Shaving Cream.  I order all my Nivea skin stuff from Germany thru

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I agree with Ash. I stopped buying the "gentle" face washes and products years ago because none of them were ever gentle enough for me. I wash my face with warm water. That's it (and much cheaper!) I use a moisturizer in the morning and at night and my skin has been great. Now, if winter can get her shit together and go home because she's wasted and wrecking the party, my skin would love some 50+ degree weather!!

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Beebeel, I cannot even use Basis soap because it dries out my face. I've been using warm water for years, but decided to try the witch hazel on recommendation. HUGE mistake.

BTW, I'm LUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRVVVV Winter!!! I am NOT looking forward to temps over 72 and BUGS. Blech.

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I don't mind the cold, but the dryness and snow can eat a big bag of you know what!

Witch hazel was always too harsh for me. I did have good results with this cucumber face cleanser several years ago, but of course the maker of the product discontinued it. Sad

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You can send me all of the cold and snow - I feel ALIVE in cold weather!!

Why is it that the products that work for me are always disco'd and the products that suck crusty donkey sack live on forever???

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Classynj, I've been shaving my face, too. I don't like the peach fuzz, makeup clings to it and it just feels gross to me. Witch hazel, I love it- been using it since age 12. Sorry it's not working for you, Aniki! One time I had this big crease on my eye that was the result of a big dry patch. I put LOTS of olive oil on it for several days, and it went away completely. I would superhydrate with some kind of healthy oil, maybe coconut? And shave to remove any dead skin or flakes.

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Witch, as sensitive as my skin is, I'm scared to use oil and clog up my already ginormous pores.

Plus, it's imperative (to me) to eliminate these flakes FIRST and wait until AFTER we return from the dreaded trip to try new stuff. Sad

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oh lord, my face is getting drier too.

I just use a good natural moisturizer day (coconut oil) and night (heavier cream).  Brands vary depending on what I can afford.  I use Noxema generally to cleanse.

AND I get a facial every month to month and a half.  She does a mild acid peel and it's amazing.  I have very few skin issues and my face looks fantastic. 

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I've tried it all-I have some issues with rosacea but it's getting better.  SO after much deliberation I returned to the old school methods and BOY what a difference.

I alternate each day washing my face with Noxema or Ponds Cold cream-w/the ponds your face will still feel greasy when rinsing but I got used to it- after it's dry it feels great so A) cheap b) works great-   Try it ladies.  Go back to basics.


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I have senstive skin, too. To the point where products would dry it out so badly that it would start peeling and burn when I tried to apply ANYTHING to it.

I now moisturize with Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream (comes in a small tub with a dark blue lid) and I use a Clarisonic when washing my face every evening.

Just make sure you are using gentle cleansers and exfoliating at least three times a week. The exfoliant needs to be gentle, no scrubs. I used to use Vasanti BrightenUp! before I started using my Clarisonic. Vasanti is pricey, but you only have to use a very small amount so a bottle lasted me a few months. I swear by Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream, though.

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I have heard for sensitive skin, you can use a little brown sugar mixed with yogurt...(that will be the grainy texture you need) do you need a scrub? I have super dry skin so I dont use much for scrubs, but what completely turned my skin around was LaMer products...they cost a fortune, so I just buy sample/travel sizes on the internet..a little goes a long thing that ever happened to my skin..I am 60 and now my skin looks amazing....

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I use Noxema at night. Oatmeal soap in the's Yardley, and very inexpensive. I used to use the Neutrogena amber colored bar soap, but with the humidity here it gets gunky. 

Once a week I use Aveeno Ultra-Calming hydrating gel cleanser, and every other week, I goop myself up with good old Queen Helene Mint julep masque. DH likes the Queen Helene too.