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OT - Women Wednesday

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Are you tired? Exhausted? Too tired to think? I'm a chronic insomniac. I'm often dragging hiney because I NEVER get enough sleep. My problem is OBTAINING energy when I'm lacking in the ZZZZZ-zone.

"Caffeine, Aniki! Drink some coffee or Coke."

If only!! Caffeine has NO effect on me. As much as I luuuuuuuurrrrvvvv my khavi (that's coffee for you non-Finns), caffeine does absolutely NOTHING except make my taste buds happy. Sadly, the ONLY thing that gives me a burst of energy is sugar. Fingers aren't working properly and can't concentrate? I can fix that with a glazed donut or a chocolate eclair. And when you have to fuel yourself with sugar, those wicked calories add up.

Put aside the caffeince. What ELSE do use/do to energize??


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What do I do to energize?

DrinkingCoffee. I am not so sure if it actully works. I would like to think so considering I drink a lot of it all morning. Right now I can barely keep my eyes open. So is not energizing at all.

Cant help you today Aniki. I am in the same boat this morning.



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Sorry to hear that, Goodluck! What about some flavored creamer in your coffee? It has sugar and might give you the boost you need.

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Cold water... I swear i would be dead zombie when i went to swim team... Second I hit the water it's like a magic switch was hit. Thankfully a cold shower does roughly the same. i think it shocks me awake. My body is too busy being angry at me to be tired. LMAO

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If only, PA. If only. While I find cold water refreshing, it doesn't phase me. Probably because I swim in Lake Superior in Oct/Nov. I've been in there in a regular swimsuit while others are wearing wetsuits or bundled up, walking the beach (lightweights!!)! Like my Dad, I'll break ice on the old swimming hole in Spring. Even my showers are luke-cool (can't stand hot showers!!).

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I used to do polar plunges Smile I used to swim 5ks in a regular swimsuit clear through Nov when I lived in the mountians. It still phases me. LMAO. Also I built snowmen in shorts all growing up. Maybe I should be looking into why I never built a tolerance. lol

I HATE hot showers too! As I tell my DH, pool water is roughly 76-80 degrees. It should be in that range at the highest. Otherwise I feel like I'm sweating while getting clean!

Same with hot tubs... I can't do those... I tried once, it was MISERABLE.

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You should come to Heikinpäivä for the Polar Bear Plunge. Diablo

Crikey, that swimming pool sounds like bathwater!!

I sauna, so hot tubs are nothing as long as I can get a cold plunge/dip afterwards. Nothing like go sauna and roll in the snow!

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We used to jump out of the pools i winter and run around in the snow between sets in swimming! Helped cool us off!

I'd love to come to the polar plunge!!!

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I like hot tea sometimes that helps wake me up.  I just recently switched from coffee to tea in an attempt to cut out all the extra calories from all the creamer I use in coffee.  I just add fresh honey to the tea.  Mmmmm!

Also, my friend gave me some pills called "calm now" by ZHOU because I am a really anxious person.  Anyways, I have noticed that not only do they calm me down a bit I feel like they give me a little more energy.  They are basically a multivitamin and can be found on amazon if you are interested Smile

When I used to work out in the morning that really helped wake me up.  I need to find that motivation again!

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Yes, please, and thank you!! I'm more than willing to check them out. I will have to check the ingredients because there are some "energy" things out there to which I have adverse reactions. But I'm willing to try!!

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I believe most of the ingredients are Vitamin B and they are vegetarian, lol, if that matters to you.  They also have other products I am thinking about trying because I like these so much.  

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I found that Nellie meme on FB and saved it to add here.  It is perfect for this site ;)  It reminded me of the blog that I believe Aniki had made about if your family were a TV show...well there is the exact character that fits my SD!!!!

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The TV show blog is someone else's gem. I don't even want to TRY and consider a character for BioHo because it would have to be an x-rated show!

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Thinkthrice, I do not have access to youtube at work (and no internet at home). What is the video?

I've been a light sleeper all of my life. If a gnat blinks, it wakes me up...

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Caffiene really effects me, cannot have it after about noon or so, or I'll be up all night, but in a bad semi-concious way.  LOL.

I'll get up and walk around.  I also ride my bike to/from work and that gets me going before and after work.

Otherwise, just more sleep.

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I rode my bike to and from work back in the late 70s early 80s. 

Little over 4 miles.

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I definitely can commiserate with you on this one.  I have a terrible time sleeping too.  It's even worse right now since I have had to spend more time at my dad's house and his guest room is furnished with two twin beds that are at least 35 years old by my estimation.  They are very firm but you can kind of feel the springs through them.  People used to have much more Spartan mattress choices back in the day for sure.  And, we have been sleeping with a baby monitor to hear my dad who needed my DH's help often during the the home health aids are taking care of that,  but we can hear them downstairs.  Last night was the first night in almost a week that we could sleep in our own bed and the hospice team "group text" went off at 10:30 several times which woke me up after only about 2 hours of sleep.. and it's hard for me to fall asleep... so today AGAIN.. I'm dragging.  I'm going to go see my dad tonight another night of the 1980 era twin beds.

I have gotten into the habit of having a red bull in the AM.. but other than that have been able to not do caffeine like I used to with my Mt. Dew. 

Also, sugar/food does wake me up and I also do not need the extra calories... perhaps things will settle down one of these days. sigh.


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Aw, ESMOD, I'm sorry. Sad

Would you be able to buy one of the memory foam mattress toppers for the bed at your Dad's? They really can make a difference.

Sugar has been the ONLY thing that works for me. Those so-called "energy" drinks are caca.

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I swore if things went on longer term that I was going to buy a whole new bed for upstairs.. at least a queen.  But now that my dad is in hospice.... it seems that it would be a waste to just buy a mattress and bed that we would only really use a few times a week for an unknown but probably not longer than a few months span of time.  My brother and I have decided that when the time comes that we would rather sell the home so we will be liquidating most of the furnishings anyway since neither of us really have a need for it.

And the cost of mattress toppers.. we could practically buy a queen memory foam mattress... so, I guess we will just go with it for a bit longer.  I feel guilty for complaining about a bed when my dad is dying too....


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Sweetie, that doesn't mean other things don't affect your life. I'm so sorry about your Dad. I watched my Mom deteriorate for almost 17 years before she passed. It sucks something fierce. {{{HUGS}}}

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I start drinking water first thing in the morning. We all wake up a little dehydrated, so drinking lots of water, tea, etc helps me feel less sluggish and more mentally alert.

Exercise also helps, but that can be a challenge in winter in the UP.

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My morning routine is tinkle, turn on the shower, and down 16-20oz of cold water before getting into the shower.

As for exercise, skiing and snowshoeing are excellent exercises. Unfortunately, some health issues have prevented me from doing much outdoors except for trudging back and forth from house/work to my car and back.