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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Are you a runner? Do you enjoy being outside, your feet pounding the pavement? Or chasing a deer or rabbit along a trail in the forest? I will never understand the people who prefer running machines over the great outdoors. I miss my running days! I wasn’t much for running on a track – I preferred getting out in nature, fields, woods, along the beach. Nothing but the sound of birds, my heart pounding, my breathing, crashing waves, and the occasional sound of a startled deer or bobcat (he looked ticked!!)

Everyone’s feet are different. Your favorite brand of shoe and lacing style will not work for everyone. Below is an article about the 6 best ways to lace your running shoes.

The Lacing Styles are:

  1. Loop
  2. Diagonal
  3. Cross-over
  4. Skip
  5. Speed
  6. Extra Eyelet

Here’s the link (with pics!):


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I used to use something similar to the Cross-over when I used to do a LOT of trail running! There was something about freeing up my arches that made it feel more relaxed and open. Smile There was this trail super close to where I used to live. There was always wildlife, no one else was normally on the trail so I didn't have to worry about that, and it ended at a waterfall! I miss it!

I miss running outside! I try and do it on the weekends still... But most of the time I only have 3Am to run... And I tried that in my neighborhood once... Woke up most of the neighborhood because everyone owns a dog or two... Oops!

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PA, you're gonna laugh.  I used to run the fields and woods in...


Moccasins. Yep. A scant quarter inch of pad in the sole, waterproofed, suede moccasins. I miss those nighttime runs!

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Due to a foot injury from several years ago, long or fast walks are no longer on the menu for me, so I go to the gym to do 30 minutes on the elliptical, which is low-impact. I agree, would rather be outside walking/jogging with my dog because I love being outdoors but realistically I had to cut way back on activities due to the injury. Unfortunately I don't use the pool at the gym because I have eczema (atopic dermatitis) and the chlorine is too strong in a public pool situation, so I'm looking forward to me & DH getting a house with a pool in the future. And, it goes without saying, a hot tub next to the pool & fire pit.

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An injury makes all the difference!! I know people who prefer the machines over the outdoors. Baffling to me! I had an ankle injury that ended my running days. I LOVE to swim, but loathe chlorine. Give me Lake Superior any day of the week!

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Salt water pools feel good on eczema StepUltimate!!! I have several things with my skin and that's what's felt best on it. 

Chlorine is a comfort smell to me though... It's how I stayed calm growing up, swim team was my release. lol. But I admit it's not easy on the skin...

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I adore swimming, but gave it up when I started the Curly Girl Method. I'm missing swimming so much! The chlorine is brutal for hair!

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I hate swimming caps. LOL! They make me feel evem more self conscious than my cellulitey thighs. LOL


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A swimming cap on your HEAD makes you more self conscious over your thighs that are 2 feet lower.....

So.... dog paddle to keep your hair dry?? Dirol

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I love hiking in the great outdoors. But no, I'm not a runner. Unless I'm being chased. I may start to jog at that point. Blum 3

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Beebeel, if you hike with someone and get chased, remember: you only have to run faster that your companion!

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I like to walk and to hike but not to run

When I see someone who is running and actually smiling then maybe Ill try it.  It always looks painful!



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I luuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrvvvved running! Admittedly, I've become a bit of a sociophobe and prefer swimming so I don't have people trying to talk to me!

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That's where earbuds and a "don't talk to me or I kill" kind of face comes in Aniki. LOL

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I have tried several types of earbuds, but none are comfortable. Apparently, I have really tight earholes. LOL

PA, I can do The Look, but I have to be VERY ANGRY. It's a blue moon kind of thing for me. I've never mastered RBF. Dash 1

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I've literally never had an issue with people trying to talk to me at the gym. I've completely mastered it. LMAO. Get to the gym, earbuds in, RBF on. Smooth sailing from there! LMAO Someone tried to talk to me once and I threw a look, they left me alone...

I'll give you lessons Wink

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Some people are rude effers and don't care. They are completely oblivious to The Look and RBF and any other body language that screams FACK OFF!!!

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It seems t owork fine... But then again there's normally a punching bag involved... And I'm lifting some kind of heavy object... Maybe it's fear that keeps them away... LMAO

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I want to eat lots of chocolates in nature if that helps? Then wash it down with an ice cold coca cola while resting in the sun.

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I want to drink red wine and eat chocolates that make me lose weight - and they are NOT EXLAX!!!

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Haven't been able to run since I was 11 and I basically wear combat boots all the time, nope got nothing to add  lol .

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I dislike running distance, even when I was in track in high school - I only did it to make me faster at sprinting.  I did jog for a short while in college and I got pretty good, but stopped for some reason I cannot remember. 

However, I have always, always biked.  I cycle 1.5 hours per day (time is relative when there's a ton of hills in any direction) and if I can bike while on vacation even better.  So my shoes are velcro.

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I was into distance running solely for personal pleasure. I was a sprinter/hurdler, then switched to shot put/discus.

I need the Bike Fairy to gift me with a new bike. I used to ride 75-100 miles a day on weekends (psycho ex trained for triathalons and I trained with him for "fun").