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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Things are a little crazy right now and it looks like it will be going on for awhile. I'm doing my best to stay calm (the smell of coffee works wonders for me). 

I am thankful for:

  • a warm, comfortable, solid home
  • reliable cars
  • a well-stocked pantry and that I am a creative cook (came from being poor and struggling!)
  • being "connected" via the internet so I know what's happening in the world and with my family/friends
  • excellent friends; especially those who are "extended family"
  • my family: DH, my Dad, and my sister topping the list. DH and my Dad are such rocks and my sister is my BFF.
  • STalk. Almost 6 years ago (six!), I discovered I was not alone and it was a ginormous relief! My marriage is rock solid and  - despite BioHo's attempts - I now have a good relationship with all of the skids. 


Prayers you all stay safe and healthy.


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Hola Aniki!

Thank you for this post and allowing us to focus on the positives.

I am thankful for being able to work from home remotely.

I am thankful for home cooked meals and the smell of garlic and herbs in the air.

I am thankful for the good health of me and my family.

I am thankful of having this time to reflect and spend quality time with my sons.

I am thankful that through prayer it has kept me sane and calm.

I am thankful for StepTalk which has helped me tremendously and confirms that I am not alone.

Sending many happy and healing vibes to everyone during this time. Amiga you are a beautiful soul and thank you so much for all that you contribute to ST.


Give rose

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Hola Siempre!

Muchas gracias por las palabras hermosas, amiga! Eres demasiado amable.  *give_rose*


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Hey Aniki! I think this is important with how things are right now Smile To remember there are things we're grateful for!

I'm grateful:

That growing up me and my little sister played a game where she's find random stuff and I'd make a meal out of it. lol.  Means I'm pretty good at making something out of the random

That my family is safe with everything going on in Utah

That my coworker is still allowing me to bunk with him as the world is literally falling apart.

That my pups are home safe and sound (little one got fixed)

My strawberry plant is actually starting to grow strawberries already!

That when my boss finally realizes it would have been smart last week... We fully have the ability to work from home so none of us will be out of work (potentially... Our clients are still public housing authorities... so...)

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PA, that meal game sounds like fun! Not too sure how my DH would feel about some of my... concoctions. LOL

What will you make with those strawberries?

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It was always fun. Came up with some super yummt things! (also some questionable things... but...)

I don't know yet! There are so many options!!!

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One thing I made I still make to this day. It's just Minute Rice, refried beans, salsa, and extra-sharp cheddar. Make a cup of Minute Rice. When the rice is done, add one can of refried beans (regular or black) and as much salsa as you like. Stir well. Add in the cheese OR sprinkle on top and let it melt. It's cheap and filling.

I have also used it as burrito filling (even baked them with a little more cheese sprinkled on top). Sometimes, I even add some browned hamburger or leftover steak/chicken/pork. 



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I am thankful for this time for all of us to slow down and re-prioritize what is important. As much as I wish the skids would be locked down at their mother's house, I need to be grateful for my DH who is everyone's rock at the expense of his own sanity.

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time for all of us to slow down and re-prioritize what is important

Chmmy, that is so true! One thing I've noticed is that (some) people are obviously making an effort to be kinder and more considerate of others. Even if it's for their own safety, the attitude is a lovely thing to witness.

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You and siempre nailed all of mine.

I am also grateful that our best local coffee roaster just delivered 10 pounds of beans to my house!  He's losing restaurant business, we love his coffee, and he is selling at wholesale prices.  Win/win!!

Planning to share the extra with our neighbors, safely of course.  

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I have been pushing so hard at work to get staff taken care of, and now that everybody (except me) is working remotely I can breathe and reflect. I've been crabby! I join the remote workers on Monday.

I was just telling one of the staff to find joy in every single day. She dropped an email to me to say she was enjoying sitting out on her patio, drinking coffee, and working. That sounds like a bit of heaven.

So I am grateful to my parents, who I miss every day, for providing me a good education, which has led me to a great job in higher education, where I don't have to worry about a paycheck during this difficult time. I will shop local and take advantage of carry out meals from our fantastic local restaurants.

And I'm thankful for DH. I know I complain about him sometimes. (TAKE OUT THE GD TRASH.)  Even he would tell you that he is hard to live with, and he is! But I love that man and he can still make me laugh to the point of tears.

And I'm thankful for coffee too. And cocktails. I don't know why the bourbon keeps evaporating though.

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Merry, you are a good boss. Glad you can join the WFH force!

Have your house elves gotten into the Bourbon?!

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Yay for supporting local restaurants and business!  We're doing that too, we usually don't order much carryout but we're making an exception now.

Huh, my gin keeps doing the same thing.   Weird.

Good job on taking care of your staff, Merry.  Please take care of you too.

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I am thankful my family and friends remain healthy.

Thankful for first responders and all medical staff remain dedicated to their jobs.

Thankful to hear about "Shopping Angels"--small group of college students out west who took it upon themselves to help Senior Citizens get necessary food and supplies. Sure beats the idiot drunken spring breakers who continue to do what they THINK they are entitled to. Where are their parents....

Thankful for my dh, our children together and my bios. I am very fortunate.

Thankful I have never sent bm and her kids the letters I WANT TO SEND.

I am thankful each of you are well, considering.

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GL, we'd be in a world of hurt without those first responders and medical staff. OTR truckers, too. My nephew is working extra hours to keep delivering much-needed supplies. 

I wish there were Shopping Angels like that across the nation. What wonderful young adults!

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I am thankful for:

- DH and I will keep our jobs;

- We are buying a house outright with the sale of DH's late parents' house, making our financial burdens much less in a few months;

- Good health and family

Hopefully this all will end as soon as possible and the world recovers quickly.

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-that our pantry is stocked.

-I finally conivnced my parents to stay home!!

-for my OCD (only time I can say this!!)

-for Aniki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!