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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Thursday, STalkers! It's a short day for me (doctor appointment. ish), so I'm trying to cram everything into the time I'm here. Silly, really, since I'm making up the time! lol

I am thankful for:

  • my Dad. All my life, he's been a rock: hard-working, strong, solid, supportive, honest, kind, loving, honorable, admirable... pretty darn outstanding. He recently said he thought he was a "mean SOB" when we were kids because he was no-nonsense and strict. I told him that, while I may have thought that on occasion, I will forever be thankful for who and what he was. I have never known anyone with such integrity and think his tongue would catch fire if he ever told a lie. Admittedly, when I question what path to take, I ask myself, "What Would Dad Do?" He's my hero. <3
  • my DH - my other rock. Another hard-working, strong, solid, loving, honorable man. And he so obviously loves me... sigh. We're in our mid-50s. During our vacation last week, he had me giggling and blushing like a schoolgirl. It was divine!
  • my job. It's crazy right now (playing catch up after vacay and learning new stuff), but I like what I do, where I work, and (most of) my coworkers. 
  • former friends, asshats, jerkwads, twatwaffles, SD23, and BioHo. Yep, you read that right. I AM thankful for those people. They have taught me who and what I do NOT want to be and given me the push to try and be a better person.
  • and, of course, my STalk family. xoxoxo


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Thank you, advice! I have some mystery issue going on. Again. Getting old ain't for the weak! *man_in_love*

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Happy Thankful Thursday!  This post made me smile!!!

I'm thankful for:

  • Great supportive coworkers, friends, and my sister. They've been amazing through all this... And I'm appreciative
  • The blunt people who actually tell me what's up and don't just flit around things.
  • All the amazing people here on Stepatalk!!!
  • My furbabies, unconditional love, and are amazing, even when they're little brats, they're great.
  • Whoever left the random pile of candy on my desk while I was gone.  It was delicious. 


Hope your appointment goes well!!!

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I know we all have things to be thankful for.. we do need to be reminded to focus on the positive sometimes.

I'm struggling with this right at the moment though.. I really kind of felt like I was "through" with dealing with fallout from being female in the workplace.. but yesterday was a reminder that we still aren't out of the woods.. and it's real money for many of us.

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I have days when I must make an effort to 'highlight' the things for which I am thankful. As wonderful as that vacation was, the mystery health issue is weighing on me. 

{{{HUGS}}} for you, ESMOD.

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So thankful that I still have my mother with us and she is living her life happy and active

Thankful for DH who stands by me everyday and wants to make me happy. 


Man in love


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How wonderful! Congratulations on the new acreage!!!

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So many things:

  • My colleagues who invited me to be in their art show as the photographer in the group. So excited to be doing this and putting prints together.
  • My DH who supports me in everything I do. 
  • My parents are still living and my mom is coming out of a several year depression.
  • My kids are self supporting
  • My furbabies are all healthy and my dog is about to hit 16 in a few days. 
  • I just had lunch at my favorite restaurant in town. My stomach is happy.
  • My middle-aged SD's live so far away that their attempts to cause drama from afar are ineffective.