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OT - Thankful Thursday

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I am thankful for:

  • DH, my rock, who came home to me still awake, sitting in a corner, bawling. He actually sat down on the floor, pulled me onto his lap, rocked me, and told me everything will be okay.
  • PT shoulder success. It looks like I'll be released next week as "100%".
  • Yoopers - who have not waited for the bloody government and have pulled together. Neighbors and strangers, working together and making HUGE dents in the destruction from the flood. People donating their personal equipment, their bodies, their time because their love for Copper Country and its people is so strong.
  • Strangers who are helping. One man drove over 1000 miles to deliver 100+ cases of water for the workers. In fact, donations are coming in from all over. It warms the heart.

And last, but certainly not least...

  • You STalkers. I was amazed and humbled by the outpouring of concern, compassion, friendship, and love. Bless you all. Give rose


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<3 <3 <3

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to see you back on Step Talk.  Yay!!!

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Gimmy, Dawn, WOB.... you ladies humble me. I'm pretnding my eyes watering are from biting my cheek when I bit into my apple. xoxoxo

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Thank you, redhen!! 

You people are going to give me a fat head! LOL

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Always thankful to have you here, Aniki!

I'm thankful for my family (kids) who keep loving me. My DS22 is staying with me for a few days and my DS27 is coming by after work for dinner and to stay overnight. I finally got the small bedroom setup for guests. Now I can sleep 2 out of my 3 kids, if need be.

I'm thankful for cooking and my new slow cooker. This morning I put a chuck roast in it and set it to LOW for 8 hours to make a beer braised beef roast. Caesar's salad and veggies for sides. I'm sure my DS27 will love it. DS22 won't eat beef.

I'm thankful for my friends and my faith because they are the only things keeping me sane and stable while I continue to grieve my marriage. I have many months in front of me and I'll need to lean on both to see things through. It's been a tearful few days, but today is better than yesterday.

I'm thankful for my job. It pays the bills and affords me a relatively fun lifestyle, although I've just started the Dave Ramsey program to become debt free, so I may have to tighten things up a bit! Smile

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Thank you, FB!!

Psssst... beer braised beef sounds delish!

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All is right with the ST virtual world now that you are back and posting your eloquent  and interesting articles.

Always something as take away or unique ~ like  idioms I just love and  never heard before.."Yoopers" .

Is that on par with "Yinz" from the south western PA dialect "?If so I'll trade ya one ,Aniki.

And thank goodness for your tight knitted , caring community of "yoopers" getting the job done and not waiting for the bureaucratic BS red tape to get snipped ..coz that is a 'hurry up and wait" recipe fer shure.

Hope you are feeling better and getting stronger bit by bit everyday .

While you already know it, just gotta say your DH is a gem.





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Thank you, Wicked!!

YOOPERS are people from the U.P. - the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Here's a good article...

We park our car in the crotch.
We go sauna. (and that's SOW-nuh, not saw-nuh).
We pank down snow (but we don't go sauna and roll in panked down snow!).
We love life, love people, and love God's Country.

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In no particular order:

  • My amazing job. I've had plenty of not-so-amazing, and never want to take this gig for granted
  • DH. Also amazing, I just post about our conflicts (98% SS, 1.9% money, and 0.1% everything else)
  • SS18: Without whom I wouldn't have met ya'll, and without whom I'd never be any form of parent (mid-40's & never planned to have bio's), and who I do dearly love in spite of his behaviors
  • Our pets. Still have my cats & DH's dog but had to put my two elderly dogs down this past year (lots of sadness about that, even though it was their times... you all know how it goes missing man's best friends once they go Rainbow Bridge). I love these critters so much!
  • Our home. I love where we live, and love our neighbs. 
  • Amazing produce. The abundance of avocados, berries, organic veggies... I live in farm country and it's so awesome. Local honey and eggs and citrus... so excellent. 
  • The interwebs. Remember when it was a trip to the library or an encyclopedia? Having a super computer in the palm of my hand I can look anything up, and make connections in a community of my online peeps
  • Lastly, for the recent ST poster who got the Beastie Boys "Sabotage!" In my head the other day... it's still going! "All ya'll... SABOTAGE!" LOLz

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Wonderful list!!!

IMHO, the best thing about Summer is the selection of fresh fruit and produce!!

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I’m thankful for rum. I don’t think I can make it through DD’s last 2.5 years of teenagedom without it.

I avoided this post all day because every time I tried to relax or think of things to appreciate, DD persisted with her passive aggressive annoying BS. I’m thankful that she’s almost 18.

Like others here, I’m thankful that you’re back Aniki. 

I tried to create a fun post about movies and step characters, but either no one but two ladies were feeling fun that day, or you just draw a greater crowd.

Either way, we need the fun posts sprinkled amongst the dramatic posts so that we are all not going insane. Thanks for keeping it fun!

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Thanks, Iamwoman.

I figure we need some relief from the stress of stephell and everyday life. Smile

Psssst... what kind of rum?

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Sailor Jerry - yum! With real sugar Pepsi. DH and I limit ourselves to Weekends only because the relief in a bottle is just too great of a temptation otherwise. 

Happy Friday Eve! 24 hours until rum time! Yippee!