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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Anyone else stressed out? It's days (weeks) like this when I need to remind myself of the things for which I am thankful...

  • Aside from chronic insomnia, a sketchy back, and a fat arse, I'm in pretty good health.
  • Despite the arseholes and brown nosers, I have a good job.
  • My DH, my Dad, and my sister: aka my rock, my hero, and my best friend.
  • STalk - especially the friends I've made. <3


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I decided today to get an amazing currant scone for breakfast to go with my tea.  I am thankful for the new coffee shop/bakery that opened on my commute route!


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I am thankful for my new yoga class twice a week, 3 mins from home.  Love it and it's a great excuse to get away

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I'm grateful for:

  • DH taking care of things and letting me rest this week
  • The gym
  • My awesome friends on here
  • That I'm learning to speak my mind more
  • Sore muscles that means I'm getting stronger

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You can come visit! I have a pull out couch (though the couch itself might be more comfy)!

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Its been a HORRIBLE two weeks - to much stress and wanting to just cry with frustration:

Thankful for all you STalkers - especially the ones that make me laugh.  

Thankful for DH - keeping me from trying to dunk my sisters head in a toilet.  Love her but UGH she is pissing me off with this move.

And this is the worst I can say - I am thankful that tomorrow will be two weeks since DH has heard a peep from SS16.  My DH is hurt and I understand, but he doesn't sit around and cry about it nor go into depresssion.  If SS16 WAS reaching out it would be for something or would just piss DH off.

SS20 comes home for a week tonight for break so I'm sure SS16 will be lurking somewhere around my homestead.

Oh and I'm getting steak tonight LOL 



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Sis needs a swirlie, huh? I'd love to help you out with that, classy.

Mmmmm.... steak. Any side? Red wine? Dessert? Tell meeeeeee!!!

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UMMM well see March 14th is not only Pi day - but Steak and Knobber day.  Its the "mans valentines day".  

I will have plenty of red wine - Pino Noir to be exact - and dessert later.

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As soon as you said "the man's VD" I knew what you meant. LOL! I'm not asking what kind of dessert...

I bought DH a coconut cream pie. It's his fave. Smile

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I am grateful for my boss.  He 100% backed me up when I uncovered fraud and blew the whistle. Haven’t had to do that before and hope to never again. Investigation bore out my allegations. 

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Merry, that's great! Too often, bosses are ready to sacrifice anyone and everyone to save their own necks.

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I am most grateful that I am retired and NEVER have to deal with work BS again. Also appreciate my husband who waits on me hand and foot and doesn’t try to convince me to give SS another chance. 

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I'm Thankful for a wonderful afternoon walk during my lunch break....chatting with my bestfriend and laughing with her the entire time *lol*  She makes me smile and laugh like no other!

I am Thankful for my H, sons, sister, awesome friends, and StepTalk.

I am Thankful for kind strangers who restore my faith in humanity.

Keep your head up Aniki. It will get better for you darlin'.


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I'm going to try to put a positive spin on this, even if it doesn't seem appropriate.

My Uncle finally passed on Tuesday. I am thankful he is no longer in pain. I am thankful that I got to be a part of his life for as long as I was.

I am thankful for my family as we all rallied around one another to support one another through our grief.

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Advice, that is what I had to do when my Mom passed away. Be thankful she was no longer suffering or trapped in her body. I still miss her like crazy, but I find comfort in looking at recipes she often cooked, reading her handwriting (especially those recipes!), and remembering the good times.

We're very fortunate to have family that is like that. IMO, that's exactly how it should be. {{{hugs}}}

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1) grateful DH is committed to retiring soon and spending time traveling with me

2) grateful SD so blatantly tried to get $$ from our retirement account-showed her true colors as well as her big arse

3) grateful to have found peace within as well as a good workout routine (a good cab never hurts)

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Mountains, are you talking about cab, the vehicle? Or cab, the wine? Dirol

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Thankful I am going to see Bob Seger tomorrow and that it will be 85 degrees in Tampa!


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Thankful that SO finally listened to me this week about all that is stressing me and being in the "here and now" with me instead of in la-la land. He's stepped up his game this week, which I appreciate tremendously.