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OT - Forn Friday

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Forn' is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. It's Friday at last!! It's a balmy 45 degrees outside, so I decided to treat myself to a bakery goodie and eat it with a mug of hot, strong kahvi (that's 'coffee' for those who don't speak Finn).

The cinnamon rolls LOOKED good... Alas, I was sorely disappointed. Skimpy on the cinnamon/sugar mixture and dry. And by dry I mean that it was so freakin' dry I could probably soak up a quart of milk and not wring it out once. Dash 1

The BEST cinnamon rolls I've ever had were my Mom's. The dough was moist and almost fluffy. The cinnamon/sugar mixture was oozing out of the top AND bottom, leaving warm gooeyness pooling in the bottom of the pan. I can't tell you how many times my siblings and I scooped up that oozy deliciousness with our fingers, burning them (and our tongues!) in the process. On rare occasion, Mom would scatter some chopped pecans on top as soon as she flipped the rolls onto a plate.

That tears it. I guess I'm making some cinnamon rolls this weekend!


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Your mom's cinnamon rolls sound amazing... 

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SU, my MOM was amazing! But I'm kinda partial...

Mom was an excellent cook and taught all of us how to cook (Dad did, too). She made everything from homemade Fried Rice to Curried Chicken Crepes to lasagna. And that doesn't even touch on her baking skills (Dad was the King of Bread). The neighborhood mothers could not believe that mine allowed my then-10yo brother and a group of his friends to bake cookies in her kitchen! Her rule was that they had to clean up their mess.

Mom never used a box mix and made everything from scratch. That includes cakes AND frosting! We have many family faves from Mom's recipes...

  • German chocolate cake with coconut-pecan frosting
  • Mom's baked beans (NO ONE makes them like she did)
  • cinnamon rolls
  • spice cake with caramel frosting
  • fried rice
  • Spaghetti sauce (which always meant that lasagna was soon to follow)
  • egg cups and potato pancakes
  • Vegetable Beef Soup (sadly, that recipe died with her)

I could go on and on and on. Whenever I make one of her many recipes (and get teary-eyed seeing her lovely handwriting), I can feel her presence strongly in the kitchen and wish with all my heart I could cook with her one more time. <3

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Aniki what you shared with your mother is beautiful and the fact that you carry this on is heart warming. She is still with you every time you make one of her wonderful dishes and I'm sure you passing it on to your kids would make her very happy.

She will always live on through your heart and her cooking.


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Thank you. I think it is, too. However, I have no bios to pass them on to. My former skids are scattered and don't cook. And while the current skids luuuuuuurrrrrv my food, none of them can actually COOK (microwaving and baking pre-made stuff does not count), so giving them any recipe would be absolutely pointless.

I have my own mad skills in the kitchen so DH, my sister, and some of my friends reap the benefits. It's a reward to see people's eyes roll back when they smell/taste the food you make.

BTW, I have made it a point to duplicate some of Mom's kitchen tools/items. I have the same set of mixing bowls so there is always a feeling of nostalgia every time I use them. A warm. childhood memory always surfaces. I also have some duplicate kitchen items from my paternal Grandma's kitchen. I get all kinds of warm fuzzies when I cook!

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That sounds yummy! When I make apple crisp, I like to throw in a cup of fresh cranberries. Nom nom nom...

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I can go for one of those cinnamon rolls right now :).

I love brownies! I would describe them as seductive because they do lead me astray. I don't know what to say only that they are irresistable. They are cakey, fudgey, with nuts or without, frosted, glazed, or tarted up. I can't simply walk away! They make me happy instantly and when they are warm it feels like "home".

So yes I understand the obsession. I just may make some this weekend Biggrin

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Siempre, homemade brownies are awesome! I have a recipe for gooey, fudgy brownies that make my eyes roll back in my head. Biggrin

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My mother made most of the same things your mother did Aniki, the cinnamon rolls are a special memory for our family, we have a picture of a then 3y/o gskid on Marmi's lap helping to make the cinnamon rolls, this was after my mother (Marmi to the grands) had suffered a major stroke GD still loves that pic and will cry when she talks about it, DW has the recipe for the rolls but we have yet to try it out, maybe at the new house, that would be a good way to get started there.

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Major, that picture sounds adorable. I think that making those at the new house sounds like a wonderful plan!

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It is finally starting to cool down here in Jersey and I just put in a new double oven.  This weekend will be perfect for "testing" the oven with different types of cookies and spiced bundt cake.

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Classy, if only Scotty could beam me over... DH won't be home this weekend and my sister is out of town, so I'll be all alone.

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Ohhh I'm so jealous. I love baking so much, it's one of my biggest hobbies. But my 11 month old is pretttty needy so I don't get to do much anymore. I might try and get some time this weekend where DH sits with him while I do some fall baking. 

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Yummy!!! This makes me want somethign sweet! Maybe while I'm home alone on sunday I'll go on a cooking spree!!! Smile I LOVE cinnamon rolls. It makes me think of this pop-up boutique that I went to growing up... They served fresh cinnamon rolls for like a dollar, they were huge and yummy! (of course I was also small... so they may have been average sized...)

I'm glad you're carrying on your mother's memory in that way Smile

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*ROFL*   What do you take in your coffee?  What style shirt? And since you're all alone all weekend what time should I bring said items???  lol

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I like my coffee black; like my heart. Bwahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!! And I'm wearing one of my SISU t-shirts. DAMMIT!

Come by any time when I'm not home!

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Black coffee just how I drink it, no sugar either. My Dad always said I like my coffee like my women, black and hot ( we couldn't be any whiter  lol )

Have no Idea what a SISU shirt is but I have an old D.A.R.E. shirt I used to paint the house in, I'll bring that.

Perfect I'll just let myself in and wait for the dark Bwahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOh scared myself   lol

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I can stand a spoon up in my coffee it's so strong  lol

SISU, got it  lol  More a Dead Kennedys kinda guy but what ever floats your boat !

As for my jaw it's been needing a readjustment for awhile now    lol

And also.... my original reply was to PA and she hasn't come back !!!!!!!!  Not that I don't absolutely love dancing with you Aniki but she's missing all the fun  lol