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OT - Fabulous Friday

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Well, fabulous for me! I'm off today (just got back from the doctor) and ready for a relaxing weekend.

It's a whopping 67 degrees here (yes, I'm wearing shorts, tee, and flip-flops) and my vision is almost 100%. Woo hoo!!!

For those who emailed/PMd me, I will get back to you. Dont want to overdo things and am spending a minimal amount of time looking at screens until Monday. 

I've still been working. How? JAWS! No, not the shark. It's a software for the visually impaired. Thankfully, my company was able to get that for me ASAP so I could do a good part of my regular job. I'm VERY thankful because I need that paycheck!

For anyone who thinks my DH hurt me or I intentionally hurt myself? Sorry, that is NOT true. DH and I were playing around on the beach. He was chasing me, I tried running up the embankment, slid, and face-planted in the sand. Got sand in my eyes and UNDER my contacts and managed to scratch my corneas getting them out of my eyes. Freaking OW!!! I woke up a couple days later, rubbing one eye, and ended up with bad inflammation. The scary part was that the doc was concerned I might have permanent blurred vision in that eye. SO thankful that is not the case!!!

Big thanks to WarMachine13 for getting hold of my bestie and to all for the concern, well wishes, and prayers. *give_rose*

I hope you're all safe and healthy!


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Yay you are back - at least minimally!  Good!  I knew it had to do with you and DH doing some kind of shenannigans.  LOL.

It's a fabulous Friday and personally I don't feel like working.  I've been working A LOT since this whole COVID thing, from home, which is long hours (associated with medical facility admin) many days and learning new communication methods and NO vacation as was planned...and now I'm getting into the start of my busiest time of year for the next 1.5 months with OTHER stuff. 

Later today I will clean my office floor and put the new rug in.  Then Zoom with a couple coworkers for HH.  Then it will be a happier Friday.

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Cover, I am NOT embarrassed by those shenanigans. I was giggling and shrieking like a teenager until that face plant! *yahoo*  What can I say? I find my DH to be HAWT!

With JAWS, I'm definitely putting on extra time, but am so thankful I can work!

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Welcome back!!! Glad you're doing better!

It's a beautiful Friday here. Not a cloud in the sky! I'm hoping these web meetings wrap up soon so I can go on a walk around the neighborhood.

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I'm glad you are healing, Aniki.
I would chalk any concerns of abuse up to projection.

Take care! <3


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So glad that you are doing better!  As a fellow contact wearer your description made me seriously cringe.  I can only imagine the extreme pain you must have been in.  At least there is no permanent damage!  After hearing from War Machine what happened I assumed that it would be a while until you would be able to access a computer.  Modern technology is awesome.

Take care of yourself.  Things seem pretty unsettled up in Michigan.  I am glad that you and your DH are safe and sound at home.

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It was bloody painful. That BURNING. Gaaaaaaaah...

Things are unsettled in too many places. I'm ready for some semblance of normal!

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So glad you are back and doing better.

That's what frolicking about like a couple of teenagers in love gets you! Biggrin

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Glad to see you back! 

Your description made my eyes water! I wear glasses because I am a huge "nothing in the eye" person. I can't even put eye drops in by myself, lol! Going to the eye dr is worse than going to the dentist for me - and I hate that too! 

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I usually wear glasses, but my contacts are for distance, so... I wanted to see as far out on Gitche Gumee as I could! The drops burned, too. Sad

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So happy you are back and on the mend.

I'm just going with the story that you and your wonderful were making waves in the sand.



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Each day this week when I logged in - I was eagerly awaiting your return! And got bummed when there was no Aniki! Like super bummed, and Im in California so its hard to do. 

Glad you are doing better eye-wise. And glad you are able to still keep working. We all need our paychecks.

I took the day off yesterday and bought some things from friends who "make things". My childhood friend recently started a "sewing business", and resells things like fabric and needles, holds clothing repair workshops, etc.

WELL, she just got an article written about her in the local weekly news, and NOW she is over 3 days behind in orders for her custom COVID masks. So I bought 2 of whatever she had in stock. It was so nice seeing a female face, after being holed up with DH and male coworkers...

I also bought some "shiny things" from a friend that makes and fabricates jewelry. SO now Im sporting some nice handcrafted jools Biggrin

Otherwise, its been work work work. And then weekends home with DH working on our house and yard. He made a veggie box for me, and Ive planted and continue to plant my tomatoes and herbs. The fruit trees are fruiting (except the peach which currently has curly leaf fungus boo hoo) and the Bengal kitten is kittening, adorably.

Other than that its been netflix binge after netflix binge. Currently DH is into the Last Kingdome and Im finishing Outer Banks.


So glad you are back! It IS a faulous Friday after all!

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Also glad that you are being well-taken care of.

IDK how to post photos???? Here at least...

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Thank you, Cooooookies! No screen time over the weekend (unless you count some tv) and doing a LOT better. *kiss2*

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So awful..such a freak accident goodness! ..and I am happy for you that there is no residual damage to your sight.You are lucky.I know corneal abrasion pain but this sounds so much worse. Rest your peepers,honey.

Patiently waiting till you're all healed and  ready to post more of your awesome insight and humor.


Air kiss      


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Wicked, you might remember that song " if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all". I have some unfortunately freaky bad luck! That beach romp was such fun up to that point! *dirol*

Smooches back at you!