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OT - eggless cookies

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I KNOW there are a gazillion recipes on the internet, but am wondering if anyone has a tried-and-true recipe for eggless cookies. A family member has egg allergies (banana, too). 

Thank you!!


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What kind are ya looking to make?   I suck at baking but my DD is a whiz.  

She loves this cookbook:

She's made both these recipes and they turned out quite well, although I am sure she's adapted them to suit her own tastes.

She also makes something called coffee hermits that are amazing, I will see if I can get a recipe from her.

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The only eggless cookies I've ever made were chocolate chip. But there were never meant to be baked. They were eggless so my friend and I could safely eat the dough straight outta the bowl! LOL

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I am allergic to egg yolk but ok with egg whites.  Growing up my allergy was much worse and my mother always used applesauce instead of the eggs when making cookies for me.

1/4 of applesauce per egg

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Butter balls (sometimes called Mexican wedding cakes) are my favorite Christmas cookie.  Possibly other shortbread type cookies also do not traditionally use eggs.

1 c butter

4 Tbsp powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla

2 c flour

1 c chopped pecans

Cream butter and sugar, add vanilla then flour, Shape into small balls, bake on ungreased baking sheet  15-18 minutes at 350, roll in  additional powdered sugar while hot.

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PM me and I'll get it to you if you'd like.

Also on deletion, I have none of those options or buttons to select from. I wonder if I'm operating on an older version of the site?