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so entitled

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So we have a snow day today, my wife and I are both teachers   The kids come in (very loudly) after being dropped off by their dad.  SS8 comes in and tells us the plan for the day.  He is going to watch tv for a while and then we are taking them sledding.  SD12 comes in and informs us she won't be shovelling because she just did at her dads.  I guess this is fair but no one asked her to shovel in the first place.  SS8 also informs us that he won't be shovelling even though he did nothing at his dads.  He then wants bacon and pancakes for breakfast.  I just feel like they are so entitled and it us just take take take. Then my wife gets annoyed with me because I get frustrated with their behaviour.  If they pur kids instead of hers, they would never get away with this garbage.


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Watch tv all day?  Who cares.  Sledding?  Ignore.  No shovelling?  Ok but if you shovel we might take you sledding.  Bacon and pancakes?  Ignore if there's cereal available unless someone else chooses to cook.  As Clove says, disengagement is your friend.

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Agree with JRI - all of that ignore.

I hope YOU didn't help with any of it!  Hell, I myself would get out there and shovel ALONE - beauteous excuse to get out of there for a while.

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I did shovel myself.  I planned on it all along but didnt like the reufusal.  Going to the gym this afternoon and will be taking my time.

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Id go for that loaf of bread, and never to be seen again. 

Let momsey cater all by her lonesome with the entitled skids. 


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I want bacon and pancakes too! But darn it nobody made it for me. Wahhhhh.

It does sound like pretty normal behavior for their age. A bio parent needs to actually parent them out of that stage though. Honestly, ignore it all. I'm with Cover--I'd be the one out shoveling to get out of the house and away from the chaos. Dress warmly, take your time.

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Sounds like pretty typical behavior for those ages on a snow day. Are they like this all the time? If not, I'd ignore their plans/demands. Let their mom make them breakfast and take them sledding if she wants to. 

1st3rd5thWEInHell's picture men go through this as well with steps?

Your experience is frustrating and sad to say the least. Kudos for staying around tho, most men end up cheating or leaving for less than that.

I thought only women were fools enough to put up with nasty steps and entitled spouses but I guess you proved me wrong here!lol

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Unfortunately this sounds very familiar. I feel I'll have to disengage soon aswell. 

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Disengage and just do what you would enjoy doing. Nothing is going to change skids unless the bio parent steps up and makes it happen.