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Is this normal

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My SS is 8 and there are times where it feels like his mouth never closes. He talks non stop, makes weird noises and always needs to be the center of attention.  If we wat ch a movie he talks through the whole thing.  The only time he isn't like this is when he is on my old cell phone and watching youtube.   I have lived with him since he was 4 and while he has matured as far as being cooperative, this behavior is not getting any better.  It is hard to get mad at him because he isn't trying to be bad and it is his personality but I have been waiting for him to grow out of this for 4 years.  To be honest, he drives me nuts!! Will he ever grow out of this????


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If nobody says anything, nothing will change. Why doesn't your wife tell him to put a sock in it when you're watching a movie? He.needs to taught that endless prattle is rude and a darn nuisance, 

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need to address his rude behavior. He sits quitely during movie time or ... walk him to his room, put him in it, tell he he has to stay there until the movie is over since he refuses to be quiet, then go back to your movie.
Lather.... rinse.... repeat.

His bad case of verbal diarea, squaking, etc... won't end if it is not corrected effectively.

So, correct it.


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It can be normal.  My when my YSD was with us.. it sounded like there were 5 kids in the house  Seriously.. she chattered she gymnasticked.. she just was a ball of "everything".  

Absolutely when she interrupted.. when we were trying to watch a tv show or whatnot.. she had to learn to be respectful of that.. and it's not abuse to tell a kid to "pipe down".. but to expect a child to totally surpress their nature isn't fair ether.

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It's very normal for that age. They need to be taught how to be polite and how to have a real conversation rather than just monologuing about Minecraft or whatever.

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My SD18 was like that when she was younger. She and her sister were always chanting some song or another. I remember hearing "The cup song" over and over again in the backseat, until my ears bled. Then she started making shreiking pterodactl noises out of nowhere. Now she does other wierd things, but no more shreiking bird calls, thank god. Kids are wierd.

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I have found that some children, my child and SS included, are uncomfortable in silence so they ramble. Think about the things they are consuming digitally? There is constant commentary on everything. It's shaping them to believe there has to be talking at all times! I have to tell them "You don't have to commentate, this isn't a Youtube stream or tiktok". 

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I think it's fairly normal. My SD10 still does stuff like this. Lately the talking through a show or movie is making me want to scream though. I'm fine with watching a show and making comments about what's happening, but dear lord, does it have to be every freaking second? Especially when said comments aren't funny and/or don't add anything to what we're watching. When I'm sick of it I just say, "Hey, SD, can we watch the show/movie without the comments? If you want to say something save it for after and we can talk about it." I'm not a bitch about it, but I am rather upfront. Usually stops the talking but also makes her feel like I care about what she has to say... just not right at this moment, lol.